Flashy and unexpected new FIFA regulations due to pandemic

FIFA President Gianni Infantino. EFE / Miguel Lemus / Archive
FIFA President Gianni Infantino. EFE / Miguel Lemus / Archive

Little by little, football is returning to activity under strict health standards and absolute control in the protocols established by the health entities of each country. In Europe the figures will again play official matches (today it returns in Spain, but in Germany several days ago the Bundesliga and it is expected that in June Italy and England also join the return), but in the midst of a critical context because of the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, the FIFA established a series of measures that seek to protect the jobs of the protagonists and take care of the finances of the institutions.

After 13 seminars in which the entity analyzed the situation in each region, the mother house of the most popular sport on the planet approved "a new package of transitional amendments to the Rules of Procedure of the Player Statute Commission and the FIFA Dispute Resolution Chamber"

Through an official statement, the entity established the following points:

1- In order to avoid problems related to unemployed soccer players, the players will be able to register in a maximum of three clubs and play official matches in three clubs in the same season.

2- In order to give priority to the clubs ending the 2019/20 season with their original squad, to offer flexibility and to allow member federations (FM) to plan the soccer calendar, those federations whose seasons are disputed in two years Different may start the "first registration period" of the 2020/2021 season before the end of the 2019/20 season, provided certain conditions are met.

3- In order to mitigate the economic impact for the parties involved in disputes before FIFA, in the case of the lawsuits filed between June 10 and December 31, 2020 (both days included), the advance payment of The costs and procedural costs will not apply. In the case of claims filed before June 10, 2020 on which a decision has not yet been issued, the maximum amount of the legal costs will be equivalent to any advance of the costs that have been paid.

The most striking aspect is the one related to the possibility that they will have the protagonists wear 3 different team shirts in the same season, an unpublished fact that until now was prohibited.

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In addition, you will be provided with a greater margin to institutions in relation to payments and debts to be paid between June 10 and December 31 of the current, to appease the economic crisis that the pandemic will leave.

It should be noted that the FIFA holder, Gianni Infantino, had stated that "Health is first”In a message addressed to 211 partner federations, in which he highlighted the financial aid that the governing body of world football will provide.

“FIFA is confident in the decisions that you, together with the governments and health authorities of your countries, have made or will take. We hope that the WHO risk assessment tool and our guidelines will help you decide how best to act.. The possibility that now exists of making five changes also pursues the same objective of prioritizing health, "said the leader.

In this sense, Infantino He stressed that financial aid for federations must include women's football: “We are developing a system that is reasonable and, at the same time, based on needs. We want the economic relief plan to be far-reaching, to include women's football and to operate in a modern, efficient and transparent way.. This implies having a solid governance structure, which also ensures responsibility when distributing the items ”.

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