WandaVision: opinion, plot, explanations and everything we know about the Marvel series

The first episodes of WandaVision are finally online on Disney +. Our review of the new SVoD platform series and all the useful information to remember about it is here.

Thanks to the many superheroes in its universes, Marvel Studios has made a name for itself at the box office and in the hearts of spectators. Now, the American studio is also tackling the small screen, and several series are planned on the Disney + platform.

WandaVision Season

These include WandaVision  The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Loki or She-Hulk, just a few of the plethora of projects underway. In fact, let’s take a look at WandaVision, the first original Marvel creation for Disney + Release date, cast, plot, rumors … here’s everything you need to know about the series.

  • Warning this article contains spoilers on the series. If you haven’t seen the series yet, it’s probably best to wait before reading it.

WandaVision The last episode deciphered:

Is WandaVision getting down to business? And yes, the cutesy and funny sitcom days seem over.

Under a thick layer of good feelings and light jokes, the season’s first three installments foreshadowed a more serious plot than it looks. Bingo, the last episode is a pretty radical change of register for the series. He brings his share of answers and sets the tone for the future.

We are no longer in the sitcom. Wanda and Vision are no longer the main characters. This time,  WandaVision is taking us behind the scenes of what went wrong from the start.

So here we are with Monica Rambeau before she becomes Geraldine in the bubble. We already knew that, but the nice neighbor is actually a SWORD agent. And it seems the intelligence agency doesn’t know more than we do.

His agents are also dying to know what is going on in Westview, but they have no idea. Experts dispatched to unravel the mystery will put them on the trail.

“The expulsion” of Monica, who suffers the cold anger of Wanda, is enough then to give some certainties. One sentence sums them up well: “It’s all Wanda.”

A still from the season ‘WandaVision.’

Wanda, oh Wanda:

What if the superheroine was ultimately more “guilty” than the victim? Today, in any case, it is the preferred track. When Monica’s misfortunes evoke Ultron and her brother Pietro, Wanda seems to regain all her lucidity. And the question of her “friend” puts her beside herself.

Her reaction, expressions, words, and everything indicated that she knowingly chose to lock herself in this alternate reality. In Westview, she can have the family life she’s always dreamed of.

There, Vision is not dead, and she can have children and build a future with him. Even though this is all contrived … Presumably, it’s also Wanda’s way of grieving.

But then, what will happen now? Will she agree to come to her senses, even if it must cost her her illusions? Does SWORD really have the means to force it? Does HYDRA get wet in any way?

Analysis, questions, theories:

What is SWORD, and why?:

In WandaVision, the acronym SWORD and its sword-shaped logo are everywhere. On a toy, around the neck of the friendly neighbor Geraldine or on the control screens of the one who seems to be watching (and controlling?) The life of a couple of heroes … we never miss an opportunity to show it to us.

But what is? An extraordinary branch of SHIELD, the well-known MCU intelligence and counterterrorism agency. SWORD is the acronym for “Sentient Weapon Observation and Response Department” in  WandaVision.

A still from the season ‘WandaVision.’

His specialty? The fight against extraterrestrial threats. This is the first time we see the organization at work on screen, after several comics appearances.

Overwhelmed with grief after her husband’s death, Wanda seems to have created from scratch a “perfect” world to live out her beautiful but superficial romance. The agency just found out. It remains to be seen what she plans to do now.

Who are Wanda and Vision’s, twins?

You probably won’t have missed it either; Wanda is pregnant and comes to the end of her pregnancy remarkably quickly. Less than a week of waiting and voila, two babies are born in perfect health. Their names are Billy and Tommy, and while they look quite normal, the reality is arguably a bit more complicated.

In the comics, Wanda’s desire for a child is well known and even plays an important role in its evolution. In the series, the heroin’s accelerated pregnancy is natural, and several clues suggest that the newborns are artificial.

The comics confirm this theory. In an invented reality, Wanda and Vision also have two sons (William and Thomas). But it turns out they’re not real, just empty shells made from fragments of the demon Mephisto. They eventually disappear, but their soul endures in Billy and Tommy. It is indeed the latter that we are dealing with in  WandaVision.

Later, they will become the superhero tandem Wiccan and Speed, two members of the Avengers. There is no doubt that they will be essential for the rest of the season.

Vision, is that you?

One of the most intriguing points of the series remains Vision’s presence because he should normally be dead. As a reminder, at the end of Avengers: Infinity War, Thanos kills Vision in front of Wanda’s eyes to retrieve the Spirit Stone.

Tony Stark’s actions in Avengers: Endgame isn’t enough to bring him back to life. However, we discover here a very living Vision that has found the stone of the spirit. Is it real, the fruit of an alternate reality or a mirage? The second hypothesis seems to be confirmed in episode 4.

The most popular theory is that WandaVision is based on the comic book series “House M.” In the latter, Wanda loses control of her powers, goes mad, and creates an alternate reality where she resurrected Vision invented children for herself. Exactly like in the series. So there could well be eel under the rock.

A still from the season ‘WandaVision.’

Our opinion on the debut of the series

As much in form as in substance, WandaVision surprises, unlike other Marvel Studios productions, inaugurates a new perspective in the world of the most famous superhero movies and series.

Marvel Studios productions are never totally devoid of humor. The protagonists go there regularly with their wits more or less well felt. But the comic is only an accessory, a breath supposed to lighten a grave main plot.

We are still talking about saving the world, and WandaVision reverses the perspective. It is first and foremost a comedy; humor is the nerve center of its plot. Funny situation, repetition, words, and everything goes.

Burlesque, grotesque, behind closed doors or almost, WandaVision has won its bet. It’s funny because it’s totally offbeat and, above all, unexpected. We do not expect a couple of superheroes in this register.

In the black and white world of WandaVision, something is wrong. The characters, like the spectators, feel it.

Behind the dazzling smiles, the comical situations, and the apparent smiles, one feels a sense of unease. For now, no one really knows what is going on, even if episode 4 clearly puts us on the track. Even if little clues seem to be scattered. In any case, they are making an excellent impression so far.

How many episodes for season 1? 

There are 9 episodes in total, three more than originally planned. While some Marvel series like Loki has already been renewed for a second season (even before the first was released), WandaVision will apparently only have one season.

A still from the season ‘WandaVision.’

The series’s events will lead to the upcoming Doctor Strange (Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness), in which Wanda Maximoff plays an important role.

Initially, WandaVision was due out in spring 2021, after The Falcon and the Winter Soldier (series postponed to March 19, 2021). However, there was a slight turn around. While the Covid-19 pandemic has turned many filming schedules upside down, WandaVision will finally be the first to launch.

Disney is already teasing the WandaVision sequel:

The fourth episode is a real turning point. It gives new impetus to the series whose sequel promises to be thrilling. To further increase the impatience of fans, Disney does not skimp on the promotion.

Here are the mid-season trailer and a first taste of what’s going to happen in “The Westview Anomaly.” First information: Vision (or rather his reply) seems to understand that something is wrong, and he even tries to leave the bubble. We are now curious to see how Wanda will react.

Who is in charge?

Jac Shaeffer is the showrunner of this first Marvel series broadcast on Disney +. Already familiar with the world of superheroes, she notably co-wrote the screenplay for Captain Marvel and worked on the film Black Widow.

For the realization, Matt Shakman will be behind the camera. He has already collaborated in many series like Dr. House, Mad Men, The Good Wife, and even Game of Thrones (for two seasons seven episodes).

The cast of Wandavision:

In the season, there will be many popular stars. It includes Elizabeth Olsen as Wanda Maximoff, Paul Bettany as alias Vision, Teyonah Parris as Monica Rambeau, Kat Dennings as Darcy Lewis, Randall Park Jimmy Woo, and Kathryn Hahn as Agnes. Stay tuned for the next update.

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