Grand Army Season 2 release date & latest news

Grand Army Season 2

Grand Army is a popular TV series with a huge fan following amongst youngsters because it is a teen drama. Launched by Netflix on October 16, 2020, Katie Cappiello created this series.

The initial season of the television series consists of nine episodes. Each episode lasts approximately about 65-70 minutes. The main star cast of season one includes Odessa A’zion, Amir Bageria, Maliq Johnson, Amalia Yoo, Odley Jean, Alphonso Romero II, etc. 

The series is set in the United Kingdom and the United States. It is written in English, which is also the language the series was originally made in.  

The producers of the series, Grand Army, are Beau Willimon and Joshua Donen while Westward handled the production of the series. 

The editors of the series are JoAnne Yarrow, Darrel Drinkard, Fabienne Bouville, Jessica Hernández, and Jon Otazua, with Morgan Kibby coming in to compose the music.

According to the recent updates, the second season of the series, Grand Army, has been shelved and won’t be returning to our TV screens. 

Synopsis of Grand Army:

The series follows the story of five teenagers who attend Brooklyn’s largest public high school. They battle to achieve, survive, break free, and capture their future in a chaotic environment.

They are shown fighting against many problems in their life like bullying, violence, rape culture, racism, and much more. Therefore, the entire series is about these teenagers’ experiences during their most challenging times and how they navigate their problems through them. 

The reason why a season two of the series has been canceled:

When the trailer of the series dropped in the year 2020 and when the project was released to the masses, the editor and co-writer of the series encountered abuse and racial exploitation from the public due to the storyline. 

Since nobody expected such an extreme reaction from the public, the editors and writers of the series decided to put a full stop to the next installment. 

Still, the series is impressive with fresh and new content. Even Rotten Tomatoes has given it a rating of 71%, based on 14 stunning reviews. Since the series is marketed and catered towards teenagers with a storyline based on the stories of youngsters, it is unsurprising that they constitute the largest viewership. 

Fans hoping for a second season will be disappointed as it will not happen. We’ll keep updating you whenever any officials provide information 

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