Final Fantasy 7 Remake occupies more than 100 GB on PS4

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There is a lot of sheet metal and paint work in Final Fantasy VII Remake, which means that you are going to have to make room on your PS4's hard drive for all those new textures, photorealistic modeling and light effects.

As Square Enix warned, copies of the game are beginning to arrive in stores before April 10 because they decided to advance the shipment of units to merchants as a measure to try to avoid delays in delivery to customers caused by the COVID pandemic. -19.

In these photos of the game box that the user @RedMakuzawa posted on Twitter, you can see that the back cover of the game asks for at least 100 GB of free space, which means that the game may take up something else once installed .

It may not be especially surprising the size of the game because 100 GB is a standard for any AAA worth its salt today, but the truth is that we are talking about the first part of a game divided into two halves. Although it is true that this first half will have the content and duration of a standard RPG given that the activities to be carried out in and around Midgar have expanded compared to the original game.

Final Fantasy VII Remake will be officially on sale on April 10 but you may receive a notice from your regular specialist store if they receive units before then. Stay tuned if the wait kills you a bit inside. While you can see the latest development journal of the game where several of the members of the production team discuss the details about the combat in this game.

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