Two years after its launch, PlayStation Now will allow streaming games in FullHD resolution

March 12, 2019. That was the day Sony officially launched PlayStation Now in Spain. PS Now is the Sony video game streaming and download serviceThat is, it allows you to download the games on the console to run them locally or, failing that, access them through the cloud.

The problem is that, until now, the streaming service was capped at 720p. And we say “until now” because Sony has announced through your Twitter account that over the next few weeks support will be implemented for FullHD resolution in those “1080p capable games”. It has taken two years, but it has finally arrived.

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A necessary and meaningful leap

According to Sony in the statement, “PlayStation Now will begin to implement support for streaming 1080p-capable games this week. The launch will be produced over the next few weeks in Europe, The United States, Canada and Japan, where PlayStation Now is already available. “That is, it seems that there will still be a little wait.

The Japanese company has not revealed which games will benefit from this resolution increase, but it is expected that the main beneficiaries are the PlayStation 4 games, since the vast majority of them run in FullHD by default. Remember that PS Now also has PS2 and PS3 titles.

Ps Now

Until now, the resolution of the streaming game was capped at 720p, something that is not a problem in PS2 games and some PS3 titles, but it is in PS4 games. And if we take a look at the Steam hardware survey we will see that six out of ten gamers have FullHD monitors. Only 1% have 720p or lower monitors.

It makes sense that Sony will finally bet on the FullHD resolutionAlthough it is still striking that it does so now when its new console is capable of playing games in 4K and when 1440p monitors are starting to be more popular (almost one in ten, according to Steam). In any case, it is an interesting improvement.

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