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Feminism affects comedy, now you are crucified for everything: Eugenio Derbez

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After the players of the U-17 America received strong criticism after making fun of the performance A rapist in your way Of the feminist protests, Eugenio Derbez pointed out that Mexicans are moral.

During the presentation of the second season of LOL: Last One Laughing, for the Amazon Prime platform, the comedian, actor and producer lamented that sensitive issues such as feminism affect comedy.

“Of course they are angry and they are absolutely right to be angry; but, it has gotten out of hand and one thing has contaminated another and in the end it has hurt the comedy, you can no longer make jokes about anything, ”Derbez said in an interview for Indigo Report.

He also noted that, if the players of America had mocked feminist performance in other times, they would not have received strong criticism, but quite the opposite.

“I feel that what the players of America were doing, at other times, would have been: oh how funny, how witty. Now they crucify them, ”he said.

Aislinn Derbez's father criticized that currently everyone is offended because of social networks, so it is now difficult to make comedy, which is about making fun of everything,

“Now with social networks everyone is offended of everything. Before you made fun of everything, the comedy of that is about making fun of everything, now you can't, they crucify you. I feel like walking on egg cartons because every joke you say then you say: to see who I offend. It's complicated, comedy has become very complicated, ”he revealed.

On December 13, the second season of LOL opens in Amazon Prime: Last One Laughing, a reality show that brings together a group of comedians inside a house and the last one to laugh takes a million pesos.

Comedians like Mauricio Barrientos “El Diablito” will participate in the reality show, who also talked about the performance created by the Chilean feminist collective “Lastesis”.

“The song is good, it's hitter, it's everywhere. But, it's in you how far you get or where you can't get, because otherwise you're going to fart, ”he said.

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