Falcon and the Winter Soldier: Anthony Mackie says goodbye to Sebastian Stan in the networks

Falcon and the Winter Soldier It ends its broadcast on Disney + today, and as such, it was the occasion for the actors to pay tribute to themselves on the networks, Comibook tells us. And so it is: Anthony Mackie (Falcon) has “fired” (not as such, but with a dedication) of Sebastian Stan (actor of the Winter Soldier) through Instagram:


Two guys walk into a bar … Finally, the last episode, and I can’t think of a better guy than this to have traveled this path with.

The good harmony between the protagonists of the series is evident, and more so now when we have reached the end, and when we have had the information that the series wanted to give us. In fact, it is something we have talked about today. The memes of the series remain for us, see the horrible dance of Zemo (which is something that everyone likes) and the grateful returns to the plot of some characters.

Just three days ago, IndieWire revealed that Falcon and the Winter Soldier will be running for Emmy Awards in the drama series category, while Scarlet Witch and Vision will be running in the limited series or anthology categories. In part, that’s because Marvel Studios doesn’t want its series to compete with each other for the same awards, but it also talks about the studio’s future plans. And we knew that there could be more seasons, at least of this and the future Loki series. But from Scarlet Witch and Vision, it seems not.

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