Falcon and the Winter Soldier and Loki could have multiple seasons, but with Scarlet Witch and Vision it is much less likely.

It’s very probable that Falcon and the Winter Soldier, as well as the upcoming Marvel’s Loki series, may have several seasons. However, that option will be much more complicated in the case of Scarlet Witch and Vision.

IndieWire revealed that Falcon and the Winter Soldier will be nominated for Emmy Awards in the drama series category, while Scarlet Witch and Vision will be presented to the limited series categories or anthology. In part, that’s because Marvel Studios doesn’t want their series to compete with each other for the same awards, but also talks about the future plans of the study.

Marvel Studios VP of Production and Development Nate Moore did not directly confirm a season 2 of Falcon and the Winter Soldier, but “absolutely” wants to leave open the possibility. “We have definitely come up with ideas because we always like to keep thinking about where things can go, but also, frankly, we are in the middle of the pandemic, we are just trying to finish the show and make sure it goes well. Hopefully, at the end of this season, you will see the potential than we could tell in a later season. “.

IndieWire asked Moore if there were any other Marvel shows yet to premiere that could also have multiple seasons. “The one that comes to mind, and that is probably not a secret, is Loki. I think there are many stories in Loki that are really irreverent, smart and cool. “, answered, “But it also lends itself to multiple seasons in a way that is no exception.”.

Scarlet Witch and Vision, however, it’s a different story. The ‘mystery box’ nature of that show means that it fundamentally revealed its secrets after the end, and will now tie into other Marvel movies, and Its creators seem to consider that the history of that program is completely closed. “I think ‘Scarlet Witch and Vision’ is a show you can only do once,”Moore said. “She can’t go back to that reality.”.

While we know that Scarlet Witch and Vision will tie in with upcoming Doctor Strange and Spider-Man movies still don’t know exactly where the ending of Falcon and the Winter Soldier will take us in the MCU. Anyway, we have theories before the final episode this week. In other words, It looks like we will come up with theories about a whole new season after the first one is over.

The next big show to theorize about will be Loki, arriving in June. More concretely, next June 11, 2021. In addition, we have recently learned that the logo of the series indicates what it will be about. Something that has confirmed the protagonist of the program.

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