Everything I Know About Love Season 1 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Everything I Know About Love Season 1 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Zoomers, get ready in your jammies because it’s time to learn how the millennial generation lived in their 20s.

Nothing about prior wild besties-take-city performances has taught us anything new, but maybe you should genuinely pay attention to what this particular show has to say regarding friendship before guys. Not probable, but it may happen.

This June, BBC One and BBC iPlayer debut Everything I Know About Love, which has generated some hype.

Dolly Alderton wrote the series, which is based upon her well-regarded autobiography. The semi-fictionalized adaption follows childhood friends Maggie life Birdy as they settle into a London home and negotiate friendship, love, and life as adults.

Everything I Know About Love, Dolly Alderton’s wildly successful 2018 book, has been adapted into a TV series, and it’s fair to say we’ve been eagerly awaiting its broadcast on the BBC.

The TV programme is now showing on BBC One, and if you desire to binge the full season, you can watch it online on BBC iPlayer.

There was a moment in our life when discussing anything other than Dolly Alderton’s first book, Everything I Know But Love, was difficult.

And now that we know that the BBC will adapt it for television, it’s likely to be in our thoughts a lot more. “Everything I Know About Love” has seven episodes in its first season.

Despite the unusual duration for a TV season, it makes perfect sense for this particular programme. Every episode seems like it may be the last one since it’s such a great example of television as memoir.

The Peacock original portrays the sentiment of a group of individuals who realise their whole lives were ahead of them, made up of chapters that might start or stop at any moment. It is a snapshot in time of a group of friends who reside in London during the summer of 2012.

“Everything I Know About Love” merits giving a date that was just a few years ago a thorough and deliberate revisit since it is brimming with mid-20s energy and anguish, sometimes flippancy, and true heart.

In contrast to Maggie’s enthusiastic nighttime quests for adventure, her companion in crime and best friend Birdy (Bel Powley) adopts a more calculated approach to dating and postgrad risk-taking.

Everything I Know About Love Season 1 Release Date

Dolly Alderton, who also wrote the book on which the play is loosely based, is the creator of Everything I Know About Love. The first seven episodes of the comedy series debuted on BBC One on June 7, 2022, across the UK.

Later, on August 25, 2022, NBCUniversal’s Peacock streaming service made all seven episodes of Everything I Know About Love available in the US.

Under the direction of Working Title Television in Universal International Studios, the drama series was shot in London and Manchester.

From episodes 1 through 4, Everything I Know About Love was produced by China Moo-Young; episodes 5 through 7 were helmed by Julia Ford.

The television show was executive produced by Tim Bevan, Eric Fellner, Jo McClellan, and Syrian Fletcher-Jones, with Simon Maloney serving as a producer. NBCUniversal Television Distribution is in charge of distributing Everything I Know About Love.

Everything I Know About Love Season 1 Cast

  • Emma Appleton as Maggie
  • Bel Powley as Birdy
  • Aliyah Odoffin as Amara, Birdy and Maggie’s other flatmate
  • Marli Siu as Nell, Birdy and Maggie’s flatmate
  • Jordan Peters as Neil, Nell’s boyfriend
  • Connor Finch as Street Baxter, the incredibly rude and snobbish musician Maggie meets on the train in episode 1 and gets involved in a seriously hideous and unhealthy relationship with.
  • Ryan Bown is Nathan, Birdy’s boyfriend, and Street’s roommate. He is the opposite of Street, kind and a gentleman.

Everything I Know About Love Season 1 Trailer

Everything I Know About Love Season 1 Plot

The memoir-turned-series Everything I Know About Love by Dolly Alderton tells the tale of two best friends, Maggie plus Birdy, who share a flat with two other ladies and stumble upon guys, empty wallets, awkward work costumes and each other as they make their way across London in 2012.

Naturally, until Birdy meets a partner, one of the females, Maggie, is the wild, egotistical, and tall tale-telling (excuse my alliteration) member of the friendship who doesn’t appreciate her reserved, always-available, other half, Birdy.

Maggie is put aside in favour of Birdy’s new flame, Nathan, who is definitely dark-haired, with a strong jaw, and blue-green eyes since this programme defies all stereotypes.

Maggie finds this shift in circumstances upsetting, particularly considering that she was the person who paired them.

Additionally, Maggie is shown as being in a poisonous and destructive connection to Street Baxter, a musician and pitiful excuse for a guy.

We see the ladies’ relationship in this comedy-drama series go down a difficult road of meltdowns, jealousy, and very low self-esteem that is almost too painful to watch. You will undoubtedly recognise some of yourself throughout this presentation.

We can all agree that our twenties were, are, and will be completely chaotic, therefore best buddies will inevitably clash.

It’s normal to be crazy in your 20s as you transition into maturity, and best friends who never argue are just passing through each other’s life.

Following childhood best friends Maggie and Birdy as they relocate to London with their other pals Nell and Amara, the series is a romantic comedy about female friendship. Events for the gang take an unexpected turn when Maggie meets a singer called Street.

The series depends upon Dolly Alderton’s best-selling memoir of the same name, although it has been semi-fictionalized for television, with Maggie replacing Dolly as the main character and other names in the books being altered as well.

“Maggie is different from me—she’s a very heightened version of the me,” Dolly said to Time Out. “However, there is a moment when she dances while intoxicated and bare after a night out; she appears so odd that my friends joked that I must have given her a dancing course.

My stage instructions were, “She dances like a drunken jellyfish,” which is how I’ve always described myself when I see me dancing in the mirror.

When the project was first revealed, Alderton spoke about it and stated in a statement: “I am so excited that my TV show, “Everything I Know About Love,” “is being launched today. It is an adaption of my memoir by the same name that has been semi-fictionalized.

“I cannot express enough how thrilled I am that it is being made by Working Title and the BBC. It’s a messy, boisterous, joyful romantic comedy about two female close companions from childhood and what happens as they move into their first London house share as well as move into their first phase of adulthood.”

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