Evangelion: Hideaki Anno will deal with a film dedicated to Kamen Rider

In addition to the new cosplay dedicated to Misato from Neon Genesis Evangelion, we report a new commitment for Hideaki Anno, famous for being the creator of the animated series focused on vicende di Shinji Ikari.

According to what was announced during the “Kamen Rider 50th Anniversary Project Unveiling“, the famous director will write and direct a film dedicated to Japanese superhero born from an idea of ​​Shotaro Ishinomori. that’s how Hideaki Anno presented the project to celebrate Kamen Rider: “Fifty years ago, all children were passionate about the adventures of Kamen Rider, the same was true for me. I decided to participate in this project to return many of the gifts I received from this TV series that aired five decades ago, in the form of a film produced fifty years later.“. What do you think of this feature film? Let us know with a comment on the news.

For now we do not know much about the project, which has been somewhat delayed due to the Coronavirus pandemic and which should land in Japanese cinemas in March 2023. We look forward to other details about the work, in the meantime we leave you with this cosplay dedicated to Asuka from Neon Genesis Evangelion, while here is a marketing campaign dedicated to the famous EVA units.

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