Batman: The Batcave is transformed after the tragic events of the Joker War

Bruce Wayne, alias Batman, lost everything in his possession after the dramatic events of the Joker War, which shook the whole of Gotham City. For this reason the Dark Knight has decided to give a new shape to his historic Batcave, as detailed in the volume 1034 of the iconic Detective Comics newspaper.

The Future State series only partially showed Bruce’s commitment to adapt and survive in the face of his new condition. Promising himself to be able to get up after such a devastating defeat, Wayne then took the first steps towards a new era for the Dark Knight, who without his immense and luxurious home found himself having to recreate his Batcave, also lost after the war.

In Infinite Frontier, his new home is represented in the heart of Gotham City, and it seems that from the underground Bruce wants to return to defend the city, digging kilometers of underground tunnels. This seems a clear reference to as elaborated by Bane in the story seen in the film The Return of the Dark Knight by Christopher Nolan. The main idea is to create a network of mini caves that all start from the ground under Bruce’s current house, and which would allow you to move quickly from one point of the city to another.

Deprived of his extremely advanced technology, defense mechanisms and his spectacular vehicles, Bruce looks different on these pages, ready to sacrifice days and nights to expand the possibility of defending the city as soon as possible. moving as safely as possible, especially considering the new policy imposed by Mayor Nakano, who does not want to see masked heroes in the streets or in the skies of Gotham.

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