Emma Stone’s Secret Marriage? Are Those Rumors True?

Emma Stone’s Secret Marriage? Are Those Rumors True?

Emma Stone announced her engagement publically with writer and director Dave McCary on Instagram in December 2019 after dating for 2 years. They kept the relationship details very private. The couple was planning their marriage in March 2020. But due to the effect of COVID 19, they postponed their marriage. Everyone assumed that the couple would resume their marriage once the closing was lifted. But currently, some fans believe that the actress Stone secretly married during the quarantine.

Emma Flaunted her Ring Finger while talking to Reese.

A couple of days ago, the actress appeared virtually on Reese Witherspoon’s series ‘Hello Sunshine’ YouTube channel, in which she was talking about living with anxiety. The actress showed her ring finger, in which she was flaunting a gold wedding band, that was not the same as her pearl engagement ring. The actress was asked that “If you marry an anxious man, you’re going to have to know me the rest of my life”. On this, the actress replied, “Thankfully I didn’t so that”. This statement of Emma left the fans wondering if she is still unmarried or married he fiance in this quarantine time.

After seeing the actress wearing a gold band, the fans went viral on Twitter. Though, it’s unsure even now if the actress actually secretly married. The fans are getting excited and waiting eagerly to know the truth.

Her Pearl Engagement Ring and Gold Band:

Emma Stone’s engagement ring is designed by Tokyo-based designer Kataoka. The ring had an 8mm pearl in the center with small diamonds in the surrounding.

Also, her gold band was of 18 carats beige-colored, which is also intertwined with diamond.

Responses on Twitter:

After the flaunting ring and that statement, Twitter is flooding with statements like ‘Emma Stone is married’ and ‘my baby is a married woman now’.

But there is no official statement by both of them about their marriage.

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