Elio: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, and Everything You Need to Know

With “Elio,” Ixar is taking animation to new heights. A huge bureaucracy of well-connected aliens drags a little child named Elio into space in this starry-eyed film. These aliens, who have never interacted with humans before, think he is representing Earth. Elio, who is very young, is compelled to comply.

The last few years haven’t been particularly kind to Pixar, so “Elio” is carrying a heavy load, much like its hero. One of the most financially disastrous movies of 2022 was “Lightyear,” a prequel to the “Toy Story” films. Even Pixar’s most recent picture, “Elemental,” bombed at the box office, earning the lowest opening weekend total for the company since the original “Toy Story.”

So, “Elio” has a lot of high standards to live up to. It seems that this endearing picture has what it takes. Curious? Continue reading. Read on as we examine the narrative and characters of Pixar’s “Elio.”

Elio Release Date

June 13, 2025, is the date set for the launch of Elio. Due to the SAG-AFTRA strike, the next Pixar film will not be released until March 2024, which is later than the initial March 2024 release date of Inside Out 2. So far, we don’t know when the movie will be accessible to watch or whether it will be available on Disney Plus at the same time.

Elio Cast

  • Yonas Kibreab as Elio Solis

In September 2022, it was revealed that Yonas Kibreab would portray the film’s protagonist, Elio. A modest role in Max’s smash TV series Silicone Valley marked the kid actor’s recent arrival in Hollywood. He has since appeared in Into the Dark, a thriller set in New Zealand, and the Disney+ TV miniseries Obi-Wan Kenobi, in which he plays a teenage Jedi warrior. Kibreab will be making her Hollywood debut with Elio.

  • America Ferrera as Major Olga Solis

America Ferrera, who won an Emmy, will play Olga Solis, Elio’s mother. Ugly Betty, in which Ferrera made her debut in 2006 as Betty Suarez, catapulted her to fame. Superstore, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and The Good Wife are just a few of the many popular television programs in which she has appeared since then.

  • Jameela Jamil as Ambassador Questa

Jameela Jamil, a British actress, will play the role of Ambassador Questa, a representative from one of the habitable worlds that Elio encounters on his adventure. Jamil began her career in the UK but became famous in the US on NBC’s The Good Place, playing the part of Tahani Al-Jamil, for which she was nominated twice for “Favorite Comedy TV Star” at the People’s Choice Awards.

  • Brad Garrett as Ambassador Grigon

The film also stars Brad Garrett as Envoy Grigon, another envoy. The legendary TV performer and stand-up comic gained fame for portraying Ray Romano’s character, Robert Barone, his older brother.

Elio Plot

In Elio, we follow the story of a little child named Elio as he unknowingly becomes an ambassador for Earth. He is eleven years old. Elio, a little boy with a vivid imagination, is the underdog. What came next, however, was beyond his wildest dreams, even with his imagination.

Elio is beaming up to the Communiverse, an international organization where individuals from all across the cosmos congregate when an unusual extraterrestrial message comes on Earth. Because of this, young Elio is thrust into a heavy burden when the Communiverse thinks he is there to represent Earth when he inadvertently crashes their conference.

But in the end, Elio agrees to take on the role, even if it means forming bonds with other aliens, facing challenges, and “somehow discovering who he is truly meant to be.”

Elio Director

Adrian Molina, who helped direct Pixar’s Coco with Lee Unkirch, an Oscar winner, will helm Elio. This long-time Pixar employee began his career as an ending titles animator on Ratatouille before moving on to storyboard artist and eventually becoming a frequent contributor to scripts. Having never directed a Pixar film before, this is his first.

Elio Trailer

A little child is taken from his family by extraterrestrials in the first scene of the trailer. As Earth’s intergalactic envoy, he is coerced into representing Earth on a strange and foreign planet. Even though Elio has a hard time adjusting to his new home, the teaser depicts that he eventually comes to terms with his uniqueness and discovers his role in the cosmos.

In only two weeks, Pixar’s newest project, Elemental, will premiere, and the trailer’s release couldn’t be timed better. Elio continues Pixar’s exploration of issues like family ties and youthful independence, creating a tale that appeals to viewers of all ages, though precise plot specifics are yet unknown. As they explore new ground with this film, the animation company breaks away from their previous emphasis on sequels.

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