EL Salvador crock up: 5.9 Magnitude Earthquake

EL Salvador crock up: 5.9 Magnitude Earthquake

On Early Wednesday, SAN Salvador is facing 5.9 Earthquake and crock up. But reporter says there is no initial damage at there. Still, let’s see some fact about the 5.9 Magnitude Earthquake in El Salvador.


Local Report of Central America say that Plate displacement is struck on Monday, and report is initialized by Wednesday morning. There is confusion between 7.3 Magnitude or 5.9 Magnitude earthquake.

El Salvador and Nicaragua reside in Central America, and At that coastal area reports say it affected with 7.3 Magnitude of Earthquake. There is no major damage is happening, thanks to the emergency rescue team of El Salvador.

Emergency Hospital Treatments is on their feet while the place is facing the earthquake. The rescue team continuously supports people to move from Coast to safe places. It is said that the Tsunami Effects is behind the Earthquake. Coaster Area is hit the tweet about the rescue operation, in that they appeal to stay calm. Because all things are under control and they have regret that they can not save one life. So, Only one people is the dead cause of the earthquake.

Report on the death of that man. Wilfredo Salgado is the Mayor of the city of San Miguel. On Twitter, he said that Man dies because of the Electricity Poll is Fell on him.

Earthquake Report From Local

Xiomara Amanya Said, “It felt really powerful, suddenly the whole house started to move” He lives in El Salvador’s Department of Usulutan.

U.S Geological Survey Said about the Earthquake. The Earthquake is stuck with 42 Miles, around the 67 km and it is from west-southwest of Jiquilillo off the coast of San Salvador and Nicaragua. So, Depth of the Earthquake hit with 25 Miles.

Honduras and Guatemala is neighbor of the Sal Salvador. Emergency Services of the Honduras and Guatemala is said that by early Wednesday morning earthquake is stoke but the initial report of these countries are said there is no major damage.

“We have not issued any warning of Tsunami” This word is by El Salvador’s Civil Protection Authority. Where on another side The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center report said that “Possible Tsunami wave is the about to strike on the El Salvador Region but there is no threat for people.

So, Let’s Consider good about it is the good effort by the Rescue team and the emergency services. There no major damage is concluded there and people are safe in the shelter.

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