We give you free visa, Visit our country: Sri Lanka’s Tourism Minister John Amaratunga

We give you a free visa, Visit our country: Sri Lanka’s Tourism Minister John Amaratunga

That day was 21st April, Islamist Militants terrorize and bombed Sri Lankan capital, Colombo. In that Mass Slaughter, more than 250 people killed. In that 42 Foreign nationals tourist also included. The terrorist has attacked Luxurious hotels and Churches. The serial Bomb blast is the weapon of that Terrorism.

Sri lanka
Sri Lanka

Sri Lankan Government is in trouble because they are not growing wealthy because of internal Civil. They stop it before a Decade and by the time, In May Foreign Visitor is percentage is fell down for 70.8. Behind that lowest ration, April Terrorism is responsible.

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After 4 months of the attack, the Government is concern about Tourism. For that matter, they have decided to give one-month free visa. And they cover almost 50 Countries. This decision is to take on Tuesday by the tourism ministry of Sri Lanka. Government is agreed with the cabinet idea for visas. They have included Chine, United Kingdom, and India Along with that 48 countries, who able to get free visa. So, for visa application, you can visit the site or Sri Lankan Consultancies and Embassies are there for you. They will help you to fill the application and it takes around $20 to $40.

Official Statement of the Ministry

On Tuesday Sri Lankan Government has decided to give free visa, for increasing the tourism after Easter Bomb Blast. Tourism Development Ministry has stated that “The offer will remain for six months and the government will assess the loss of revenue from visas after six months”

Further, they added that “if the government is felt high loss or not beneficial for the country economy then they suspend the free visa program.” This All statement is given by Sri Lanka Tourism Development Minister John Amaratunga.

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Six months of free Visa Period, Sri Lankan Government might be in the loss of 24 Million. Before a decade Civil wars are under control than in recent year Sri Lankan economy development depends on the Tourism. According to resource, last year Tourism is helping the government by gaining foreign currency. And it comes in the second largest and faster-growing source for Sri Lanka.

Nationals from Thailand, European Union nations, the United States, Australia, South Korea, New Zealand, Canada, Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia, Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland, and Russia. These are included with 48 Countries which reside in the free visa program. So, With detail, the government opens up all things on Wednesday afternoon.

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