Drifting Dragons Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Drifting Dragons Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Hello, or Konichiwa, as they say in Japan. This post is about the Japanese adventure-fantasy Anime called Drifting Dragons Season 2, so it has something to do with that. The show is based on the a manga that Taku Kuwabara wrote and drew.

After that, it was written as a series, and the anime version of it happened to come out in 2020. There are 12 episodes of the anime so far. The length of each episode is 23 minutes.

“Drifting Dragons,” an anime based on Manga, is among the most popular world-building shows about dragons. In the anime, a group of “drinkers” who hunt dragons for a living are the main characters. It’s not perfect, but “Drifting Dragons” is still a great time.

It has a lot of characters, exciting fight scenes, and beautiful pictures. To clarify, it’s a short-term solution for anime fans who want to watch some great fantasy shows to pass the time. If you’ve seen the first spring and therefore are looking for the second, the next section may have some good news for you.

The story is about what happens to the production team of drakers on the airship Quin Zaza as they look for dragons, which are huge, strange creatures whose food and oil are collected. Even though the small crew’s mishaps are funny, it’s clear that their job is dangerous.

The adventure and fantasy movie Drifting Dragons was made by Polygon Studios. IMDb gave it a 6 and My Anime List gave it a 7. For some, Drifting Dragons was fun because it had the silly charm of a visually stunning anime, while for others, this was disappointing.

We have news about the regeneration of Drifting Dragon. If you want to know, you should read this post all the way to the end to make sure you don’t miss any important details.

Drifting Dragons Season 2 Release Date

On January 9, 2020, the first season of “Drifting Dragons” came out on Netflix Japan. After that, it came out on Netflix around the world on April 30, 2020. No one has said anything official about when the second season of the show will come out.

Netflix, on the other hand, could decide to give it a second season. How long it takes to turn a manga into an anime depends a lot on how complicated the original story is and how much money the production company has.

Fans think that if there is a second season of Drifting Dragons, it won’t come outside of Japan till April 2021, if at all. When we look at the anime and compare it to the initial manga, humans can see that it uses about 17 chapters from the source. This means that there is a lot of room for a new season.

Also, because it is an anime that is only on Netflix, it has a good chance of being renewed. Stay tuned for more information, and we’ll let you know soon when the anime will be out.

Based on when Netflix’s other anime came out, season 2 of “Drifting Dragons” is likely to come out in April 2021. You can watch both these anime that’s like it until then.

Drifting Dragons Season 2 Cast

After watching season 1 of Drifting Dragons, fans already know which characters they like best. The cast of Season 2 will be the same as Season 1. Tomoaki Maeno portrays Mika, Sora Amamiya portrays Takita, Sma Sait portrays Jiro (Giraud in the English dub), Kana Hanazawa portrays Annabelle, Junichi Suwabe portrays Gibbs, Tomokazu Seki portrays Crocco, Takahiro Sakurai portrays Niko, Kosuke Toriumi portrays Berko, Rie Kugimiya

We hope the information above was interesting and helpful. We’re looking for more details about the show so we can keep everyone up to date. If you have questions about the show, feel free to get in touch.

Drifting Dragons Season 2 Trailer

At the moment, there is no formal trailer for Season 2 of Drifting Dragons. The trailer for the anime emerges about a month or two before the anime itself comes out. You can, however, watch the trailer for the first season on YouTube.

Drifting Dragons Season 2 Plot

The story takes place in a time when dragons fly around in the sky. On the one side, they are dangerous to people, but on the other, they provide medicine, food, and oil.

Follow Quin Zaza as well as her allies as those who lead a cruise ship full of dragon hunters on a mission to capture and kill dragons. The whole series is built around a very enjoyable better that ties you to all the characters and makes you care about them.

But because the show was so close to the manga, The show is based just on manga, which in Japan is called “Kuutei Dragons,” but season one just covered about 17 chapters of the source material.

We can guess what will happen in the season. We’re sure that the next weather will catch up to the stories in Volume 5 of the manga.

In Volume 4, this same ship runs into a commercial ship, but the crew does not have enough money to pay for repairs. When rumors start to spread about a “ship-eating dragon,” the crew sets out to find the mysterious giant in the hopes that capturing it will make them rich.

The manga for Drifting Dragons has a lot of stories, so we are sure that the anime and manga will connect in some way. But while you’re waiting for the next season, you can read the manga.

In the initial season of “Drifting Dragons,” there are no big cliffhangers. In reality, it concludes with an extremely satisfying ending, with Mika, Takita, as well as the other members of the crew of the dirigible Quin Zaza having survived an epic adventure as well as continuing to hunt down dragons.

Most likely, the next season would then pick up in which the fourth volume of the manga leaves off when Quin Zaza crashes into a luxury airship. But, as you may know, because of what they do for a living, they have to follow a few financial rules. Because of this, they can’t make up for the damage they’ve done.

There were no big cliffhangers at the end of Season 1. Takita and the rest of the Quin Zaza crew kept looking for orcs to hunt until the sun went down. But because the show was so tightly based just on manga, we could indeed guess what will happen in the next season.

In Volume 4, this same ship runs into a commercial ship, but the crew does not have enough money to pay for repairs. When rumors start to spread about a ship-eating dragon, the crew begins looking for it in the hopes that capturing it will help them get back on their feet financially.

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