The Biggest Wins in The History of Online Casinos

The world of gambling is amazing. Gamblers can test their luck by playing slots, different variations of poker, or other table games. And in each case, the player always has a chance to hit the jackpot.

Despite a large number of losers, a lot of people have luck smiling at them. Gambling has its advantages for the players, and accordingly, a fair share of losses for the organizers in the multitude of winnings and jackpot hits.

Top 10 Largest Wins in the History of Online Casinos 

 Gambling gives the opportunity to test your luck in online casino slots real money. Here are some of the largest winnings received from slots.

  • $23.6 million in Absolootly Mad: Mega Moolah
  • $23.5 million in Mega Moolah
  • $21 million in Mega Fortune
  • $19.9 million in Mega Moolah
  • $17.3 million in Arabian Knights
  • $16.7 million in Mega Moolah
  • $13.5 million in Mega Fortune
  • $10.4 million in Mega Moolah
  • $9.2 million in Mega Moolah
  • $8.8 million in Mega Moolah

Now let’s look at each case in detail.

The 1st Place: $23.6 Million in Absolootly Mad: Mega Moolah

In late April 2021, a player from Belgium played his favorite slot machine game, Absolootly Mad: Mega Moolah, at Napoleon Sports & Casino. Absolootly Mad slot sends players down a rabbit hole in search of gold coins offering exciting gameplay filled with vivid animations.

2nd Place: $23.5 Million in Mega Moolah

This win took place at the Grand Mondial online casino in September 2018. The player won a huge amount of $23.5 million. Mega Moolah has once again lived up to its popularity among fans. What’s even more impressive is that this time the winner’s bet for the winning spin was only 75 cents. It took the player less than 50 spins. The identity of the winner was not publicly disclosed in order to protect him from cyber criminals.

3rd Place: $21 Million in Mega Fortune

A Finnish citizen won a jackpot of $21 million in 2013. It is known that the man was 40 years old at the time and played his winning game in Mega Fortune at one Scandinavian online casino. He only paid 25 cents for the game. The player was able to unlock the bonus round during the game and successfully closed the Mega Jackpot wheel three times, which enabled him to hit the jackpot.

4th Place: $19.9 Million in Mega Moolah

In 2015, a young British military man known as Jonathan Heywood shocked the online gambling world. He won a Mega Moolah jackpot of more than $19 million with a bet of just 25 cents. Mr. Heywood was playing at BetWay Casino and certainly wasn’t expecting such a large cashout at the time. He said during the interview that he planned to spend the money on his sick father’s medical treatment. This was a very emotional event for the entire online gambling community.

5th Place: $17.3 Million in Arabian Knights

In 2011, an experienced player got lucky with the online slot Arabian Knights at casino. This victory was unexpected, as it is known that such an online slot as Arabian Knights does not bring huge winnings. The Norwegian player was fooling around with this slot machine and accidentally hit the jackpot. Arabian Nights is a simple classic slot game with five reels, ten winning lines, and one bet level. 

6th Place: $16.7 Million in Mega Moolah

In August 2020, another striking online casino jackpot was hit. It was again received in the Mega Moolah game with a dizzying $16.7 million. The event took place at Lucky Casino. The win also became the biggest online slot win for this casino. Information about the winner was not disclosed. 

7th Place: $13.5 Million in Mega Fortune

A young man from Norway couldn’t sleep and decided to play a few games at an online casino at That sleepless night on September 24, 2011, he became $13.5 million richer. He got his winning score by playing Mega Fortune. The anonymous jackpot winner couldn’t sleep until 6 a.m. because of the shock. He said he needed to calm down first before he could decide what to do with the money. 

8th Place: $10.4 Million in Mega Moolah

A player named Alexander from Sweden won $10.4 million in 2015. This came as a surprise, as he also did not expect to be one of the biggest winners. It is known that he was about 30 years old at the time. Alexander said that he was at first speechless and then woke his wife up to celebrate the event. He shared with reporters that he planned to pay the mortgage with the money he received, as well as treat himself to exciting travels and a new car. 

9th Place: $9.2 Million in Mega Moolah

In April 2017, a user of the Tipico online casino received the largest ever mobile payout from Mega Moolah, which exceeded $9.2 million. The player broke the previous record set a year earlier. The lucky winner decided to remain anonymous. The bet amount per spin on the slot machine was only $7.2.

10th Place: $8.8 Million in Mega Moolah

A mysterious player with the initials D.P. won the largest progressive jackpot on a mobile device at Zodiac Casino in August 2016. It was never reported where the jackpot winner came from or how old he or she was. All that is known is that the impressive jackpot amounted to $8.8 million and was won via an iPad.  The operator said that the player has signed up for an innovative casino promotion called “80 chances to become a millionaire. According to the terms and conditions, only a small deposit of £1 was required to participate in the promotion.

If you, too, would like your name to be written in the history of gambling glory, we recommend you pay attention to free online slot machines. Maybe you are the one who will be lucky and you will hit the jackpot.



To summarize, we recommend those wishing to test their luck at an online gambling establishment to pay special attention to the following games that enabled gamblers to hit the largest jackpots from the list of top 10:

Game Developer
Mega Moolah Microgaming
Mega Fortune Netent
Arabian Knights  Netent

Hall of Gods by Netent, a Swedish game developer, is also worth mentioning. The winners of this game also repeatedly won several million dollars, which makes it no less attractive to players. 

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