Dragon Ball Z: Super Vegeta’s immense ego in this figure of over 400 euros

The Cell Saga of Dragon Ball Z is still remembered today for being one of the most exciting of the franchise created by Akira Toriyama. One of the most iconic moments of the battle with the mighty monstrosity was represented in this magnificent statue collection created by the MRC studio.

In particular, the figure is based on episode 156 of Dragon Ball Z, in which Vegeta shows the opponent and his companions the results achieved within the Room of the Spirit and of Time. Having passed the limit of the Super Saiyan, the prince proves to be clearly superior to Cell, who suffers his deadly blows without being able to react. To the amazement of all present, the very muscular Saiyan claims to have become Super Vegeta.

This iconic event was honored by the MRC figure. With the thumb pointing to itself, Super Vegeta exhibits his immense ego against a Cell almost terrified by his strength. The peculiarity of this beautiful collector’s item lies in the prince’s hair, inside which a LED is hidden to make the blonde hair of the Super Saiyan shine.

Yet price of 430 euros, the 58-centimeter figure features incredible details, such as the aura surrounding the protagonist or the mighty musculature that characterizes the transformation. In this other Dragon Ball Z figure, Goku Super Saiyan 3 challenges Janemba. Vegeta’s most touching moment in this Dragon Ball Z Street Art.

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