My Hero Academia: the Pro Heroes have come to an end, here’s who will replace them

After the bloody “War of Paranormal Liberation” story arc, the Pro Heroes have been thrown into chaos. The society of heroes is experiencing its darkest age and the two greatest representatives, Endeavor and Hawks, have ended up in the dock. Here’s what’s going on in My Hero Academia.

The clash with the villains led by Tomura Shigaraki has led to very serious consequences: the population he no longer has faith in heroes and numerous professionals have abandoned their profession out of fear. Additionally, Endeavor and Hawks’ past has brutally resurfaced. The war has led to the creation of a new dark world order in which the concept of the hero seems to have been canceled.

The last chapter of My Hero Academia resumes after a brief time jump in which, to protect her companions, Midoriya left the Yuei High School. This time skip led to the creation of a civilian militia which stands in defense of the weakest. Therefore, the life of citizens is no longer entrusted to the Pro Heroes, but to figures similar to the Vigilanti of the Vigilante spin-off My Hero Academia – Illegals.

Now our eyes are open“says the militia leader.”A man must protect his hometown! We will not put our lives in the hands of anyone else! We have no faith in heroes, only in ourselves. The days of relying on heroes are over“.

The Pro Heroes now seem to be onedge of the abyss, but from this difficult situation a new generation of heroes could emerge, probably led by Deku, able to regain support.

Here is the discarded cover of My Hero Academia Volume 30. Shoto and Dabi are side by side in this My Hero Academia sketch.

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