Dragon Ball: the origins of Goku’s suit and why it is orange

One of the distinctive elements of Goku’s character design, from Dragon Ball in Dragon Ball Super, it is his suit, a trademark of the character that the protagonist has rarely given up. Our hero, in fact, wore it in all the most important battles, almost as a kind of good luck charm.

One of the things that sensei does not lack Akira Toriyama is the taste for colors. From Super Saiyan Blue to the hypotheses of Super Saiyan Green, in fact, the master has played a lot with colors to highlight the enhancements of the characters. In the case of Goku, in particular, we know that the orange of his suit is nothing more than a shade of the rose bush known by the name “yamabuki“, flowers that vary from yellow to orange.

On the occasion of an interview released for the Full Color edition of the manga, the author explained that the suit, known by the name “dogi“, is inspired by clothes that Chinese monks wear during their training, in line with Goku and Krillin’s training at Master Roshi. In some cases, the anime and some color plates have painted the suit red, a color which is however erroneous since Goku’s doge is more orange-tinged. This is because, moreover, the color in question in the garments has a special meaning, that is, it is an auspicious symbol, in clear coherence with the events of history when the two little fighters ventured into the 21st Martial Arts Tournament.

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