Ryan Gosling: An Amazing Space Adventure With Chris Miller And Lord Phil Is On The Way!!

There is a huge number of fans and viewers that have been waiting for the upcoming movie. As per the rumors and reports, the upcoming movie will be adapting some of the things from the upcoming novel written by Andy Weir. You must surely have heard the name of Andy Weir whose book “The Martian” turns out into a sci-fi movie of the same name. It is believable that Ryan Gosling was going to be the lined-up star in the upcoming movie.

It will be amazing to watch the Canadian actor be a cast member of the upcoming movie. Along with Ryan Gosling, The producer’s list will include Amy Pascals, Ken Kao, and Andy Weir. You must have thought of the three amazing personalities to team up again. Miller, Lord, and Pascal were having a long-running relationship that does include sharing the same office at some point. Recently, the trio did win the Oscars awards together as producers for an amazing movie “Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse”.

Gosling With Chris Miller and Phil Lord

Some sources reveal that Ryan Gosling did not even finish reading the manuscript of the upcoming film before he thinks that it will be a perfect project for Lord and Miller. The mere coincidence of bringing the amazing producers together will be the reason for the upcoming movie to become a success. Ryan Gosling is also happy as well as has the excitement to begin his new upcoming movie.

Earlier, there was some confusion about MGM and Universal about the duo, Miller and Lord for their serving as producers. But after that was a complete sort out, Universal provides its blessings for the project to move forward. It is known so far that the upcoming novel and movie will be about an astronaut who is exploring the universe to save the planet.

There is a suggestion for everyone to be ready to experience a new space adventure in the upcoming movie. Chris Miller, Phil Lord, Ryan Gosling, and other producers will make it an exciting and interesting watch.

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