Dragon Ball Super: revenues of the franchise in descent, new anime coming?

In just two days, after several weeks of silence, the Dragon Ball Super has resumed thundering around the web. TOEI Animation has in fact published the latest financial reports that certify the beginning of the decline in turnover of the brand linked to Akira Toriyama’s masterpiece. What can we expect from this descent?

As highlighted back in the last quarter, TOEI Animation’s financials are down as the egg-laying hen named Dragon Ball Super has begun its downward flight. Of course, we are still talking about extremely high numbers given that in the last three months of calculation (July, August and September) the franchise brought “only” 8.7 billion yen (about 71 million euros) into the studio’s coffers. The figures remain high, yet the decline is really big when compared to the financial reports in the same period last year, when it counted almost 11 billion yen (more than 88 million euros).

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The negative trend that the series is following in 2020 is constantly increasing and one of the ways to flesh out the brand with new monetary grafts is the distribution of a new animated project, maybe a movie or an animated series. And, coincidentally, just yesterday Shueisha opened a new domain linked to Dragon Ball. Is it random or there is really something moving in that TOEI Animation?

We just have to wait a few weeks since it is legitimate to expect already at Jump Festa 2021 in December, or possibly next February, on the occasion of the 35th anniversary of the franchise, news on any projects in the pipeline for Dragon Ball Super. We therefore suggest you stay tuned through our pages so as not to miss any next update on the future of the series.


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