Cursed : News on Katherine Langford’s upcoming Adventure fantasy series

News on Katherine Langford’s upcoming Adventure fantasy series the Cursed.

Today again, we will talk about the one of Netflix drama, the Cursed. Cursed is an adventure fantasy drama series. The point of attraction in this series is an Australian actress who has played a role in teen romantic series 13 reasons why. She gathered massive popularity under the name of this show.

Fans of Katherine Langford excited to see her in cursed. Fans of her blessed to get an adventure fantasy series like Cursed. The show has been recreated after the book of Thomas Wheeler. Katherine Langford shared the first look of Cursed on her Instagram handle.

Predication and rumors are taking place due to Katherine’s Instagram post. We can expect that show will probably land sooner this summer. So all of you get ready with popcorns to binge this adventure fantasy drama series. But we didn’t get any official release date of the show yet.

What will be the storyline of Cursed?

No doubt, Katherine Langford will play the lead in the series. Nimue’s role will be played by Katherine Langford, who contains mysterious gifts. Her fate chosen her to become powerful Lady Lark. Unfortunately, she would have a tragic outcome.

We received this information from our closer source. After the death of Nimue’s mother, She would meet with Arthur to find a way to a wizard named Merlin. Nimue delivers the sword to merlin which was told to her by her mother. On her journey to find a wizard she will face many difficulties, and probably, she would become the symbol of rebellion against King Uther and Red Paladins.

That is all we can say for now. We are trying to find out more information on this season. We can expect the arrival of the season soon during this lockdown period. Any update will come to us, we will update you with this article.

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