Dragon Ball Super 71 launches new trailer loaded with spoilers

Dragon Ball Super has shared a fresh look at chapter 71 of the series with a trailer. The manga from Akira Toriyama Y Toyotaro now he makes his way through his new bow Granola the Survivor with each new chapter in the series, and thus it is now more compelling that many fights are yet to come.

The first two chapters of this arc have started putting the pieces together for a great conflict, so we’ll see how it is resolved soon. This makes the wait for the Chapter 71 of the series It is especially difficult, since we now have a Granola who has become the strongest warrior in the universe.

Dragon Ball Super also showed us a Goku who is learning to better use his Ultra Instinct and even Vegeta learning the techniques of God of destruction. With all of these warriors finally colliding, all eyes have turned to the next chapter 71. Next, The Truth News He shares the trailer with you:

What to expect from Dragon Ball Super chapter 71?

There are several major spoilers here for fans to get excited about the next chapter in the series. The trailer for the shonen manga not only showed that the Heeters’ plans will come into action, but the most interesting thing is to see Goku and Vegeta finishing their respective trainings.

Either this is a huge step forward in time from the events of Chapter 70 in which Goku and Vegeta are just beginning their training, or this next chapter of Dragon Ball Super will see them both in a place where they will begin the next phase of its evolution.

Either one is exciting, because it means we’ll see Goku and Vegeta’s new abilities in action sooner rather than later, but we’ll have to see how far they’ve come since the last manga chapter.

(Foto: Shueisha) Final de Dragon Ball Super 70

Release date and where to read Dragon Ball Super 71

According to information from Viz Media, Chapter 71 of Dragon Ball Super will premiere on Tuesday, April 20. Akira Toriyama and Toyotaro fans can read the manga for free (last 3 chapters) on Shueisha’s Manga Plus app.

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