Dragon Ball Super 69 introduced Monaito, the new Namekkian elder

The Namekkian race is mysterious and endowed with special powers. These were a large part of the engine of the series, in particular through the creation of the Dragon Balls, objects that started Goku’s journey. We then got to know them better in the Freeza saga and now it seems that they will receive another deepening.

The Chapter 69 of Dragon Ball Super has indeed presented a new character, Monaito, who to everyone’s surprise is a namekkian. We still know little about him, but we do know that he is a very old individual, having lived over 500 years. He is the last member of the Namekkians left on the planet Cereal, while the others moved to the planet Namek. It is not known whether he created the Cereal Dragon Balls, small and limited to two instead of the usual seven.

Monaito is an almost parental figure to Granolah, and repeatedly rebukes him on the correct use of the Dragon Balls. On a physical level, he looks like an elder Namekkian, very similar to others we have already seen throughout the series, like Kami before he joined Piccolo. Monaito will certainly be important in Dragon Ball Super chapter 70, a chapter that will make us understand if Granolah will see his wish fulfilled or not.

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