Dr. Stone: Stone Wars – Chapter 4 – Review

Dr. Stone: Stone Wars – Chapter 4 – Review.

This review on  Dr. Stone contains spoilers. If you have not seen the chapter, we recommend you do it and then go back to read the review.

Dr. Stone returns for another week with Nikki’s advice on Tsukasa’s army. Our protagonists already know Hyoga, but Ukyou, with his extraordinary hearing and other abilities, is a powerful enemy.

Meanwhile, Chrome lets himself be captured by Ukyou when he realizes that the arrows never reach them. Face to face with Tsukasa, the young man plucks up his courage and tells him to be a scientist; however, they take him for a simple savage.

Despite the threats, Chrome is standing firm and doesn’t reveal information. To her surprise, Ukyou lies about where she found them, hiding the phone’s location.

When Magma returns to the village, Senku decides to advance towards the Tsukasa Empire and load all the equipment. He confesses that they are going to build a car with an oscillating steam engine.

A still from the series ‘Dr. Stone: Stone Wars.’

Thanks to the molds with beeswax and plaster, he gets the mechanism’s metal parts and prepares the motor by reusing one of the stoves.

Analysis: Industrial Revolution

Once again, Dr. Stone shows us that Senku has no limits in his enormous ambition and creative freedom. In this new stone age, it was proposed that human civilization had taken two million years to develop in a dizzying time span.

His fighting spirit, insatiable thirst, and extraordinary intelligence led him to create the Kingdom of Science. He tamed soap, metal, and chemistry, reached for electricity and designed a mobile phone.

Are some of his ideas going to surprise us, given the trajectory? Are we going to question their ability to carry them out?

A fundamental premise of Dr. Stone is that science is a chain; discoveries and inventions propel each other. Once we have started the development of civilization, we will never start from scratch. In this episode, this idea is rescued with the reuse of the stove and beeswax.

In this sense, it should be remembered that, from the beginning, the plot was conceived to delve into and surprise us with the history and achievements of the human being.

At the same time, we laugh and get excited about the adventures of its characters. It is simple and forceful, science in a fantasy world.

Other relevant moments of the chapter:

Chrome’s attitude needs at least one more installment for a full analysis. Still, undoubtedly David is against Goliath – against an army of Goliaths – and he’s willing to die for his ideas. The giants underestimate the savage.

On the other hand, Ukyou – whom I have a lot of esteem for – holds surprises for those who have not read the manga.

Boichi and Inagaki know how to play with their characters and provide them with specific personalities, but this young man’s main characteristic will have to wait for the next chapter.

The Conclusion:

The key to falling in love with Dr. Stone is in the components of his plot. It’s Shounen, he doesn’t deny it, and he has all the charms of the genre (stereotypes, yes, that don’t necessarily make a story bad).

However, within that children’s game of “fairy tale,” it is an ode to knowledge and a tremendously serious work regarding the scientific method.

The chapter follows the trend of the previous ones and closes with the spectacular visual metaphor of the construction of the steam engine.

Chrome is strong-spirited, and it’s David against an army of Goliaths. Meanwhile, Ukyou, discreet and mysterious, is the epicenter of doubts and surprise. Stay tuned for the next update.

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