Dickinson Season 4: Did The Show Get Renewed?

In her comedy-drama “Dickinson,” Alena Smith tells the story of Emily Dickinson’s personal, artistic, and social life in 19th-century Amherst. The historical show goes back to real events and adds to them with fiction and fantasy. It does this by using feminism, queer ideas, and political awareness.

Since it started on November 1, 2019, the Apple TV+ show has gained a cult-like group of fans who are especially interested in the love story between Emily and Sue. The actors’ performances, costumes, and funny lines have been praised by critics. The show with Hailee Steinfeld has been on for three seasons, and people all over the world love it. The third season is especially intense, funny, and emotional in a deep way. People are naturally interested in what will happen next on the show. Is there going to be a fourth part? Here’s everything you have to know about the fourth season of “Dickinson.”

Dickinson Season 4 Renewal Status

The Hollywood Reporter says that the show was only meant to last for three seasons. Even though the show has only been on for a short time, it has done very well on Rotten Tomatoes. Seasons two and three got a perfect score, “Certified Fresh.” Alena Smith, who made the show, talks about why season three will be the last. “When I started making Dickinson, I pictured it as a three-season journey that would tell the origin story of America’s greatest female poet in a whole new way, highlighting Emily’s relevance and resonance to our society today.” Last year, the show ended on Christmas Eve.

Dickinson is one of the few shows on Apple TV+ that ended the way the creators wanted. Others have been canceled or were short-run shows that weren’t meant to be kept going. In November 2021, the show’s third and last season came out, with new episodes coming out every week. The creator talks about the experience by saying, “In my wildest dreams, I could never have imagined how rich and satisfying it would be to make this show, and how much fun it has been to tell Emily’s story with Hailee and our brilliant, passionate cast and crew.”

Dickinson Season Cast

  • Hailee Steinfeld as Emily Dickinson
  • Adrian Blake Enscoe as Austin Dickinson
  • Anna Baryshnikov as Lavinia “Vinnie” Dickinson
  • Ella Hunt as Sue Gilbert
  • Jane Krakowski as Emily Norcross Dickinson
  • Toby Huss as Edward Dickinson
  • Amanda Warren as Betty
  • Chinaza Uche as Henry


  • Wiz Khalifa as Death
  • Samuel Farnsworth as George Gould
  • Darlene Hunt as Maggie
  • Gus Birney as Jane Humphrey
  • Sophie Zucker as Abby Wood
  • Allegra Heart as Abiah Root
  • Kevin Yee as Toshiaki
  • Gus Halper as Joseph Lyman
  • Jason Mantzoukas as Bee
  • Robert Picardo as Ithamar Conkey
  • Matt Lauria as Ben Newton
  • Jessica Hecht as Aunt Lavinia
  • Finn Jones as Samuel Bowles
  • Pico Alexander as Henry Shipley
  • Will Pullen as Nobody, and as Frazar Stearns
  • Ayo Edebiri as Hattie
  • Gabriel Ebert as Thomas Wentworth Higginson

Does Dickinson have a happy ending?

Higginson runs out when he hears Betty’s name after she finishes making the dress. Just knowing that Henry is still alive makes Betty cry. Emily doesn’t seem to be coming, so she doesn’t have to leave her room while she sits and writes and waters her plants. She finally gets to a beach. “Wait for me, I’m coming,” she says as she rows toward her fate. We thought it was a beautiful end to a beautiful show, yet there’s a chance we could perhaps watch Dickinson Season 4.

Dickinson Season 4 Plot

Let’s say that Apple TV+ and Alena Smith come to an agreement about making a fourth season of Dickinson soon. Well, we’d love to be seeing Dickinson pick up right wherever it left off. That is with Colonel Higginson waiting for Emily while she selects the perfect outfit for her that will inspire her new poems, the ones that could change the world.

We do sometimes wonder if Emily and Higginson will ever meet. During Season 3 of the show, they wrote letters to each other. This would have been fun to see them meet up at the end of the show. But the show left us in the dark about that.

It could have gone on from there, building up excitement for the fifth season of Dickinson, but it appears that Alena Smith had other plans, since she ended the show without continuing the story. If it wasn’t the same, Dickinson Season 5 could have skipped ahead in time to show us that Emily had already become what she wanted to be and was already changing the world.

Is Dickinson a true story?

Since not much is known about Dickinson’s life, the series takes plenty of dramatic liberties when telling her story. This means that the creator added a lot, and if there were a Dickinson Season 4, she would do the same thing. Even though Dickinson is based on a true story, the writing and story themes are modern. Anyone who wants the show to be as historically accurate as possible will be very disappointed.

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