DI4RIES Season 2 Part 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

The first half of season two of the Italian high school angst comedy “Di4ries” has finally arrived on Netflix, and fans couldn’t be happier. With the first seven episodes releasing on October 10, 2023, there are seven more episodes left in the next fourteen-episode season of the program. As we eagerly await word of Part 2’s release from jail, we can’t help but wonder whether Di4ries will return for a third season.

Following a challenging period of uncertainty, the drama would be revived for an extra season. But what if we consider an alternative? You have arrived at the right place to find out when Season 2, Part 2, is available. Here you will find all the information we currently have on the release date of DI4RIES season 2, part 2, along with all the details of when it will be released.

DI4RIES Season 2 Part 2 Release Date

In February 2023 DI4RIES had been renewed for a second season. Reportedly, there are 14 episodes in season 2, with half of them being broadcast as part 1. This is in contrast to the 15 episodes in the first season. Supposedly, in March 2024, the remaining seven episodes will be aired as part 2.


Taking place in the made-up island villages of Marina Grande (season 2) and Marina Piccola (season 1), the show follows a group of pupils at Galileo Galilei Middle School. The kids deal with friendships, rivalries, crushes, and adolescence throughout the series. The narrator, who often breaches the fourth wall, is a new individual in each episode.


  • Andrea Arru as Pietro Maggi
  • Flavia Leone as Livia Mancini
  • Sofia Nicolini as Isabel Diop
  • Biagio Venditti as Daniele Parisi
  • Liam Nicolosi as Giulio “Pac” Paccagnini
  • Federica Franzellitti as Monica Piovani
  • Pietro Sparvoli as Mirko Valenti
  • Francesca La Cava as Arianna Rinaldi
  • Fiamma Parente as Bianca Laremi
  • Emily Shaqiri as Katia
  • Massimo Pio Giunto as Michele Pastore
  • Marta Latino as Lucia
  • Lorenzo Nicol√≤ as Silverio Mancini
  • Ismael Christ Carlotti as Manuel
  • Gabriele Taurisano as Roby
  • Martina Frosini as Sara

DI4RIES Season 2 Part 2 Plot

The plots that were set up in the first half of the run should hopefully be resolved. Giulio and Monica appear to be breaking up and considering different schools; Pietro panics at the Christmas party, disrupting the friendship dynamic; and finally, Livia discovers that Pietro has moved on from her, showing more interest in Isabel, despite Roby’s efforts to deepen their relationship.

As the actors in the show become older, it looks like their interests and objectives are shifting, which is causing friction among them as they navigate the pressures of contemporary adolescence.

DI4RIES Season 2 Part 1 Review

The themes covered in Di4ries are very relatable to young viewers, making it an ideal show for this demographic. It highlights the difficult but ultimately doable (albeit with diverse outcomes) problems of adolescence. How viewers respond to the subjects explored in Season 2 is sure to be just as interesting.

Despite some oversimplification, the essential obstacles of this extraordinary and fragile era of life are reflected in the conflicts these teenagers endure. The tales at the center of the series deal with issues such as bullying and the desire to defy authority, the pursuit of sports goals and the complexities of love relationships, the acceptance of parental choices, and the cultivation of personal ambitions.

Where to watch DI4RIES?

Exclusive to the Netflix platform, “Di4ries” is a production of Netflix Italia.

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