Designated Survivor Season 4 Will it Air or Not

Designated Survivor Season 4 Will it Air or Not

Ever since the 3rd season of Designated Survivor aired on Netflix fans of the political thriller is wondering, what the future holds for President Kirkman.

Designated Survivor Season 4
Designated Survivor Season 4

The bad news is that Designated Survivor Season 4 will not be rolling as ABC decided to can it. However, if the series returns, it will be needed to salvage it from the TV graveyard.

Netflix did say, “That they will continue carrying Designated Survivor Season 3 for years to come.”

As per Netflix, “They are grateful to Kiefer Sutherland for bringing excitement and devotion to the presentation of President Kirkman.”

Furthermore, during the interview on Scala Radio with Simon Mayo before the cancellation, Sutherland said, “He is not hopeful that it will be returning for another season as season four is not going to happen.”

The reason for not going forward with the fourth season is that they did not book loads of actors on the shoe, and many of them found other jobs. Who can blame them as work is scarce, even in acting positions?

Therefore, doing a 4th season will become complicated and time to find something new to do, as stated by Sutherland.

Furthermore, Netflix has not confirmed or denied the comments related to the contracts. On the other hand, Deadline stated that Studio Entertainment One and Netflix only endorsed a year deal with the cast.

Seth Wright (Kal Penn) has already committed himself to other projects.

What’s more, if ever Designated Survivor season four becomes available again and finds a home we will keep you updated.

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