The Mandalorian season 2 has recast Boba Fett

The Mandalorian season 2 has recast Boba Fett


After the grand success of Mandalorian season 1, the production house is all set to return with its next season which is going to be aired later this year. Not only this, but the shooting for its third season has also already started too. So, we can all imagine the kind of popularity it has gained with just 1 season so far. The shooting part of the season was completed before the outbreak of COVID 19, so we are not expecting any delay in its release, and the works related to post-production are being carried out too.


Boba Fett, a role played by Temuera Morrison is going to return in season 2 according to the sources. Also, Rosario Dawson will also be seen in season 2.Famously known as Kyle Reese from the Terminator, Michael Biehn is going to be another addition in the upcoming season. The season has been directed by Robert Rodriguez and Peyton Reed.

Release Date

Season 2 of The Mandalorian is going to be released in the fall of 202 as per the official announcements.  With expected delays die to Coronavirus pandemic, the fans are super excited to watch the season. The filming was completed before the current health crisis, hence the release day is expected to be the same.


The story if season 2 is all based on the search for the home of Baby Yoda. Bob Inger has already hinted about more twists and turns in the season and also the addition of many other characters and uniting them with the current characters. Hoping to watch some real fun and adventure and the hopes that have been set by the first season, the makers will make sure that they don’t settle for any less and keep up the hopes for the following seasons too.

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