December Global Holidays Google Doodle 2020

December Global Holidays Google Doodle 2020

falgun shukla purnima (holika dahan), december 2019

So here are the all-important dates for December 2019 globally, which will come into force from Saturday, 1 December 2018. Keep in mind it applies to the whole world. Have a look at the table below.

Date Google Doodle Event 1 December – 2 January 2019 Happy New Year 3 December International Day of Persons with Disabilities 4 December World Wildlife Conservation Day 5 December UN International Volunteer Day 6 December Saint Nicholas Day 7 December Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day 8 December World AIDS day 10 December Human Rights Day 11 December First day of Winter (North Hemisphere) 11 December International Mountain Day 12 December Saint Lucia’s Day 13 December Nikola Tesla’s Birthday 14 December – 15 January 2019 Christmas/Winter Vacation (Most countries) 15 December International Tea Day 16 December Start of Hanukkah 17 December Independence of Barbados 18 December National Cocoa day 19 December Air Traffic controllers day 20 December Winter solstice 21 December UN’s International Day of Peace 22 December Festivus 23 December Christmas Eve 24 December Christmas 25 December Boxing day 26 December – 1 January 2020 New Year’s Eve/Day

So these are the holidays that will be celebrated in December month. Google has also come up with a special doodle for each of these events. You can see all of them on the official Google Doodle website. Just go to this link, and you can check out all the doodles for December.

December global holidays google doodle 2020 Italy:

Celebrate international holidays 2020 Italy with your friends. Global holidays are the critical event celebrated globally; hence Google Doodle is prepared to celebrate these festivals globally. December 2020 will have several holidays all around the world. Google Doodle is preparing something special for all those looking.

Three hundred sixty-five days are not sufficient to celebrate 365 festivals worldwide, but now you can take help from google doodle and enjoy more festivals. We at “365 daily” always try our best to find out a new festival day or anniversary’s list, anniversary’s date and updates this website as soon as possible so that every one of you can quickly get information about latest updates about world-famous events without checking any other websites offer same information again and again. You may review our website for the latest updates about December global holidays 2020 Italy.

List of December Global Holidays 2020 Italy:

1 December- World AIDS day

4 December- International Volunteer Day

5 December- Saint Nicholas day

8 December- Immaculate Conception day

2 December- Universal Children’s day

10 December- Human Rights day

17 December – International Migrant Workers’ day 21 December- Winter solstice

December global holidays 2020 google doodle Halloween:

Halloween is celebrated on 31 October. Halloween is celebrated in various ways worldwide; people believe that there are different kinds of spirits, and on this day, we can communicate with them easily. Even though it’s a time for fun and to enjoy, we should also take care while enjoying because one never knows which kind of spirit will come in front of us and make trouble.

You may get fear from the very close person, but don’t fear they will not harm you if they appear in front of you once again. Then, don’t be afraid; just ask them to go away from your life. So here I am sharing the doodle for Halloween 2020 Google Doodle. We always try our best to bring something new for you on our website to enjoy every festival without going anywhere.

You may also check other websites to know about different ways of celebrating Halloween, but we are sure that you will not go anywhere after visiting our website. Our team is working hard to bring the latest updates for you to enjoy every moment with your friends and family members. So don’t forget to visit our website daily and don’t miss any updates about December global holidays 2020 google doodle Halloween.

Some people also celebrate the day by wearing costumes of their favorite characters, going for pumpkin carving, doing some horror pranks, playing trick or treat games, etc. But the primary purpose of celebrating this day is to remember those people who have lost their lives to the disease.

And kids are advised not to go out alone, and they should instead do it in small groups for safety purposes because Halloween is the day when evil spirits come into our lives, so be careful.

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