Dead to me Season -2 all details revealed

 Dead to me Season -2 all details revealed


Dead to me is a story of two women, grieving over the death of their loved ones. This similarity made them come closer and become friends. They even start to live together and that is when the secrets start revealing. Dead to me Season 2 is a sequel to the connection between the two and much more.

Release date

Season -2 released on 8th May 2020 on Netflix. Witty, comical, and emotional- the show is a perfect combination of sentiments along with some good laugh. After the conclusion of season 1, fans have been waiting for its second season ever since, and now when the wait is over, fans are busy watching!


The season picks up from the following morning after Steve’s murder. The two ladies, who had some real bad misunderstandings have united again to make this murder a secret. And believe me, even if one if is thinking of being friends again they are wrong. Both of them have been trying to hide the secret from the little ones and everyone else. The episodes follow in a fashion of these two trying to stash the body of the deceased. What they do after that is what you must watch yourself! Every episode is worth a watch.


The reviews of the critics and the viewer’s areas we had expected. They believe it to be one of the best joy rides ever on Netflix. So many emotion in one is what makes it stand different from the crowd. From strangers to friends, friends to partners, partners to enemies, and from there to partner in a crime and then trying to be friends again! This seems crazy but actually as enjoyable as it can get.

A bucket of popcorn is all you need to tighten your seat belt and witness this amazingly awesome show.

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