DC Constantine: Comic series arrives from one of the creators of The Boys

DC Comics announcements continue: this time the publishing house has revealed that it is working on a new series of comics focused on the character of John Constantine, along with one of the creators of The Boys.

To work on the work we will also find Tom Taylor, writer responsible for "Injustice: Gods Among Us", both will then create a new unpublished story centered on the character born from the mind of Alan Moore, John Totleben and Stephen Bissette. It will be titled"Hellblazer: Rise and Fall"and will see the famous wizard from Liverpool investigate a series of bloody murders linked to fallen angels. Together with him we will find his childhood friend Aisha Bukhari, a local detective in charge of discovering the person responsible for these deaths.

Here's how he described the Tom Taylor series: "It will be a very twisted work, but I want to give fans the classic John Constantine. I want to talk about the character who comes out of the shadows, with a sarcastic smile and a burning cigarette and who has all the answers. I want a sad story, with shocking moments but that also shows us how we can overcome in the horrors of life".

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