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Apple has announced an event for next April 20. The company has summoned the media and users for a keynote next week, the first of this 2021. Under the slogan of “Spring Loaded”, the invitation to the event has colorful apple-shaped strokes as a motif, indicating some clues on what we can expect.

Apple presentation on April 20

Apple Event April 20

The Apple event will take place next April 20 at 7:00 p.m. Spanish peninsular time. A somewhat unusual day, given its proximity to the next keynote that is also official: WWDC 2021. Finally, rumors that a presentation of apple products in spring have been confirmed, with Siri filtering the date this morning.

The Cupertino-based company has sent its customary email invitation to the press with a phrase (“loaded spring”) revealing the springtime vibe and a colorful stroke of an apple. Given the different thickness it contains, it was probably drawn with an iPad and Apple Pencil. This is where we can deduce that the event will revolve around new iPads and the accessories that accompany them.

The Apple keynote will be online, held from Apple Park. With the current situation of the pandemic improving but still without definitive control, from Cupertino they prefer keep formatting remotely to advertise your new products. One that, on the other hand, was to be expected after the announcement of the WWDC also online.

As the company has done on other occasions, it has created an animation that can be seen on its website. In the keynote section, we see how an apple is formed in augmented reality with the strokes. Will we see something related to this technology in the presentation?

An event focused on the iPad and some accessories

For this keynote we expect many news from the apple. Of course, we must bear in mind that the bulk of large products are presented in the last third of the year. So while we will probably see, say, minor products, they are big enough to deserve a keynote.

Among them are the renovations of the iPad mini, iPad and iPad Pro. The first one is the one that most doubts arise, since some rumors affirm that will increase your screen at the cost of frames, but in one of the last ones you can see the usual size. There are also chances that the regular iPad will see some kind of improvement (and even frameless design), although rumors don’t mention it lately.

As for the iPad Pro, it will surely renew its camera system, maybe the processor and also its screen, who would be one of the great protagonists. From Bloomberg they affirm that the change to the mini-LED panel may have a limited initial stock.

An Apple TV with integrated sound adds more unknowns to the future of the HomePod

In addition to the iPad and being spring, new colors of Apple Watch bands and iPhone cases would almost certainly arrive. Other accessories that have been in the pools for a long time And that could well be announced now are the redesigned AirPods 3, the AirTag as a location beacon and maybe even the Apple TV 6, although this may be a better fit in the fall.

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