Black Clover 289: Release Date and First Spoilers Revealed

The anime from Black Clover has come to an end and many fans are now turning to the manga to meet Asta and his journey to be the Wizard King. The series originally launched in 2015 and was created by Yuki Tabata.

Since its debut, the manga has become very successful. Thousands of fans around the world, each waiting for the release of the next chapter. So when can fans expect the release of Black Clover chapter 289? The Truth News He shares the details with you below.

Black Clover 289 release date and where to watch

Black Clover chapter 289 release date is set for Sunday, April 11, 2021. This date has been confirmed on the official Viz Media website. The first three and the last three (last) chapters are available to read on Viz for free, however to read the rest of the book you must subscribe to Shonen Jump.

Black Clover releases new manga chapters every week

If you want to see the popular anime version of Black Clover, you can do so at Crunchyroll. The series had a total of 170 anime episodes and adapted up to chapter 260 of the manga (along with much of chapter 270).

The spoilers have been circulating online, as the release date for chapter 289 approaches. Warning! The following in the article shares some leaks posted by Black Clover fans on social media.

  • The title of chapter 289 is ‘Frozen Sun.’
  • There are a total of 15 pages in this chapter.
  • Asta ignores Nacht about focusing on the Dark Triad and instead begins his fight with the demons.
  • Asta will unleash Demon-Destroyer, his third sword in this chapter.
  • Intro / First page shows Asta cutting one of the twins in half.
  • The demons will mock Asta for his feeble efforts while fighting him.
  • Naamah and Lilith combine or one absorbs the other.
  • Asta faces the fused demons.
  • Nacht is going crazy with the magical power around them, but since Asta can’t feel it, he doesn’t understand what Nacht is going through.
  • Asta is able to survive the spell, this could be because he is protected by anti-magic but of course this means that everyone else will die.
  • Asta releases a larger version of Black Divider.
  • Asta Knocks is able to survive the Freezing Sun and backs off with his version of Black Divider.
  • Magna and Zora are back and will likely show up towards the end of the chapter.
  • In the chapter, Nacht remembers his brother Morgen and wonders about the similarities between Asta and Morgen.
  • Asta worries that he wasted a minute of his Devil Union form before he disappears.

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