2 Chains Humiliate Tekashi 6ix9ine in All NYC Ways Possible By Calling Him “Rat”

No one can Differentiate among a Filthy Swine “Rat” and “Takeshi 6ix9ine”. At least that’s what 2 Chains say about him. Takeshi 6ix9ine was humiliated after the testimony in the Court.

Humiliate Tekashi 6ix9ine
Humiliate Tekashi 6ix9ine

6ix9ine’s Nine Trey Blood Testimony in the Courtroom made him a joke around the whole world. Many People say so many terrific things on the internet. 2 chains did also trolled him after the Testimony.

2 chains have trolled the controversial rapper on Instagram. Well, It is not a So Subtle Joke. Tity Boi also adds himself up in the list to call 6ix9ine a Rat.

The Guy did not control to make fun of a rainbow-haired rapper “Takeshi 6ix9ine”. 2 Chains said that he got breaking news for all as he started to troll Takeshi.

He pointed to a giant inflatable rat, he added as he made a joke about “6ix9ine”. He also said that he just ran into the rapper and people would not lay their mother fu**ing hands on him.

Many Rappers across the world are Ribbing apart the Tattletale. The Rainbow colored hair made him, even more, joke able. In the video, 2 chains did speak with Rob Markman Saying that A Rat is a Rat and he also pointed toward Gummo as Rat.

Meanwhile, Snoop dog covered 6ix9ine with humiliating Memes. Dababy also said that he is never going to work again with “Takeshi 6ix9ine”.

During the last day of his Testimony, Takeshi said that He did not want to snitch. He was still a part of the Nine Trey Blood Members. There was a Code in which loyalty was involved.

He does not think any of this will affect his popularity when he gets out of the Prison.

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