Daniel Radcliffe as Moon Kinght? A fan art imagines him as the executioner of the night

After the recent rumors that Keanu Revees would be the protagonist of Moon Knight, another name in contention for the role of Marc Spektor would be that of Daniel Radcliffe and, although he has already distanced himself from Moon Knight, fans have not missed the opportunity to imagine him in the role of the executioner of the night.

The fan art, which you will find below, was published by Savagecomics and shows us the actor wearing the iconic white costume, this time reinvented in a futuristic and decidedly more technological way, in a style that is very reminiscent of the most recent Bat costumes seen on Christian Bale and Ben Affleck in the film transpositions of the Dark Knight. The black cape and crescent moon that stand out in the foreground immediately catches the eye, main difference from the cartoon representation. What do you think? Would he be a believable Moon Knight?

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Meanwhile, the works for the Marvel Studios and Disney + series they continue, not without a few hitches: after some uncertainties, it seems that the conditions are pretending to be favorable and that the filming of Moon Knight will start very soon. However, producers and writers know they can’t even make a mistake with Moon Knight, and they have reassured the fans several times also anticipating interesting details on what we will see in Moon Knight


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