Dandadan Chapter 123 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Dandadan Chapter 123 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

In this article, we will discuss Dandadan Chapter 123, among the greatest anticipated chapters in the entire series.

We will provide you with the most recent information, including Reddit spoilers, raw scan disclosures, release date information, countdowns, and links to the next chapter.

The upcoming release of Dandadan Chapter 123 is imminent, and after learning more about Sanjome, fans in the series are extremely eager to see what happens next.

In addition to divulging the release date, we will also examine the most recent chapter so that everyone can gain a better comprehension of the ongoing story as well as how things will unfold in the near future.

With the publication of the previous chapter, Momo asks Sanjome why he decided to make on the role as their advisor and mentions that she had difficulty remembering him.

In addition, she inquires what subject he teaches and the way long he has been at this institution. She was asking so many inquiries because she suspected that something was amiss.

On the other hand, Sanjome says that if you begin to feel better, they should sound the conch once, and when they are unable to do so, it is admirable that they are prepared to investigate things that even slightly pique their interest.

But Sanjome says that when they begin to recover, he wants them for blowing the conch once, and that it’s wonderful that they’re anxious to investigate anything that piques even a small amount of their interest, even though they can’t do it again.

He questioned their veracity in wanting to understand regarding him at this juncture. The admirers are thrilled for the upcoming release of Dandadan Chapter 123.

In addition, we will examine possible spoilers and a reading guide over the same. In the most recent chapter, Momo mentions how she has had trouble remembering Sanjome and inquires as to why he decided to become a counselor.

She also inquires about his academic standing and tenure that the institution. She was clearly dubious of what was happening and wished for clarification.

Saint Germain’s entrance at Okarun and Momo’s school as a new instructor has sparked a tempest of enthusiasm and inquiry among the fandom.

As everyone is anxious to discover his enigmatic motivations, there is an intense desire to discover what happens next.

Dandadan Chapter 123 Release Date

The eagerly anticipated Dandadan Chapter 123’s release date has been set for October 2, 2023.

The author has conveyed her gratitude for the continuous support of her readers and her enthusiasm at finally being able to communicate this new chapter with them.

Dandadan Chapter 123 Trailer

Dandadan Chapter 123 Plot

Fans of the series are always seeking information about its impending release. Stay vigilant to our website for the most up-to-date information in Dandadan, as we expect this new chapter spoiler to be released very shortly.

No summary exists for Chapter 122. To allow you to read chapter 121. In Chapter 121 of Dandadan, the audience will learn for the first time whose Count German Saint is.

Some individuals refer to the Count as “Hyper Geezer,” and he remains a peculiar character in the series.

However, it appears there may be a connection among him and Turbo Granny, who is also unknown. The similarity of their names suggests that these two individuals may have in addition to common than previously believed.

Some individuals, such as Okarun, believe that Turbo Granny serves as a Yokai who protects the Earth from threats from other worlds. Other figures, such as Reiko Kashima, belong to the same concept.

However, the Count’s work with the monstrous aliens contradicts the beliefs of those who seek to defend Earth, making it difficult to determine what he is up to.

In the subsequent chapter, we may learn a bit more about what transpired to make the tally work thanks to Kurs and why this thrilling plot twist occurred.

After tidying up the debris, Okarun is overheard remarking that this is somewhat exciting because Sanjome seems unlike the other instructors. However, Momo states that she dislikes the man and inquires as to his reasoning.

However, the conversation devolves into an argument as Momo suspects that he is concealing something from her.

To find out, she presses her head against his torso. Due to this, he becomes extremely humiliated and discards her.

After cleaning up, Okarun remarks that he considers Sanjome quite intriguing because he appears to be unlike the other instructors. Momo expresses her disdain for him and inquires as to why Okarun feels this way.

This discussion rapidly escalates through an argument, in Momo suspecting Sanjome of concealing something from her.

In an effort to discover the answer, she leans in and places her head in his chest. This unanticipated action embarrasses Sanjome to the point where he immediately pushes her away.

Reiko Kashima materialized and departed, leaving the group bewildered. Reiko tells Momo that her existence enrages her and that she should be more forthright with her emotions.

She is here to coerce Momo into confessing to Okarun; otherwise, she will remove Okarun from Momo. After menacing Momo with the loss of her beloved, she departs to ‘found her partner.’

This causes widespread perplexity, and Momo asks them nonchalantly to ignore everything that occurred and not overthink what she said.

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