Code M Season 2 Release Date

Code M Season 2 Release Date

If you are a fan of the Military based web series then definitely you might see the Code M season 1 and you will be very eager to watch part 2 of the Code M series in Zee5. The Code M season 1 was a huge success and the fans started bugging the producers with a request to produce season 2.

Even though season 1 had a definite finish, the producers wanted to do a sequel for the Code M just because of the huge commercial hit of part 1 and tremendous fan requests.

The release date for the Code M Season 2:

The producers and the director confirmed that they have planned to do a sequel for the movie on social media accounts.

From that day the fans and web series lovers have started to wait for the announcement of the release date and the trailer release of the web series. It is rumored that season 2 will be released around December of 2021.

The plot of the series Code M Season 1:

Like any other crime thriller, the plot of the story is written around the murder of an army man who is believed to be dead in an encounter with a terrorist. But the reality is that he is killed by his own friends.

Only a few of the people know about this and request the Army Major who is investing in this case. This role is played by the actress Jennifer Winget. She is cast as a Major who is awaiting her in a few weeks and is strict in her work. 

In the flashback, the three army men in the same team went on to raid an enemy camp. Because of the encounter with the terrorists, there was a huge fight and Major Paswan was believed to be dead.

But the local people started a protest saying that the encounter was a fake one and the Major was really murdered.

The case was assigned to Major Monica Mehra. She started investigating the murder and found out that this case was really a murder and it was done by the teammates Major Shakti Mandappa and Major Gaurav Shekhawat. 

It is coming to light that these two personnel are gay and the other Major Ajay came to know about this. They were afraid that he might spread the news and decided to murder him. All these things came to light because of the Ex.BoyFriend of Major Monica.

At least it comes to known that Colonel Chauhan is the one who blackmailed both the majors and brainwashed them to kill Major Paswan. Because Major Paswan married Chauhan’s daughter and Chauhan has anger on Paswan because of the caste issues. 

Major Monica brought the incident to the light and Put Chauhan before the court and closed the case.

The plot of the series Code M Season 2:

The director and the production unit are very careful about the plot of the code M season 2. they don’t even want to reveal any minute details.

Along with the fans we are also very eager in knowing how the script will for season 2 since the story has completion in season 1.

Keep an eye on this space for updates about the release date of the web series Code M season 2. Once we know the date we will update here at once.

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