‘Code-404’ season 3 release date, cast, precap, and everything you need to know

Code 404 is a British comedy-drama, written and created by Tom Miller, Sam Myer, and Daniel Peak. It shows a futurist approach to the world where machine-made police i.e. Robo police. A refreshing topic in addition to the action and mystery drama. It is directed by Al Campbell. Season 1 was released on 29th April 2020 and season 2 on 1st September 2021. Each season has 6 episodes with a runtime of 25 minutes.

Let’s discuss what’s the story about.


The story follows two main police officers Johan Major and Roy Carver. They are part of an undercover team that is secretly working on fetching a dangerous criminal organization.
On an undercover task, he fails and gets killed. The team is really disappointed and is really seeking his expertise. They try to retrieve him with AI – Artificial Intelligence technology with the help of scientist Alison Parfit. However, the faulty retrieval and Robo John brings hilarious comedy in the drama now. He and his partner Roy are now after those who killed him. Drama brings a refreshing experience to the audience as the story moves ahead.


  • Stephen Graham (DI Roy Carver)
  • Daniel Mays (DI John Major)
  • Rosie Cavaliero (DCS Dennett)
  • Amanda Payton (Dr. Alison Parfit)
  • Richard Gadd (Liam Cleasby)
  • Anna Maxwell Martin (Kelly Major)
  • Steve Oram (DI Gilbert)
  • Emily Lloyd-Saini (DI Ryle)
  • Michelle Greenidge (PC Williams)
  • Tracy-Ann Oberman (Helen Chalmers)

Season 1 story:

DI John and DI Roy are on a secret mission of taking down a criminal organization. During the string operation, John gets caught and is killed. Who killed him really stays a mystery at the time. With the help of scientist Alison Parfit and Artificial Intelligence Technology, they somehow manage to retrieve John. It is more like a machine-made person i.e. Robot officer! However, the invention is new hence so many problems happen and this brings out the hilarious comedy to the audience.

On the mission to find who killed John, he and Roy find out that a minor named Liam Cleasby is somewhat strongly connected. According to the scientist, Major would be switched off if the mission fails. One of the software he installs on John is American Phrases software and fetches hilarious comedy in the audience but irritates the hell out of the people around him. In addition to DI John and DI Roy, there are other two DI namely Gilbert and Lyle are working on the case of finding John’s killers. However not only they are working lazily, but are also feeding information to Liam.

Kelly Major is a wife of John does not accept his retrieved self and starts seeing John’s partner and best friend Roy secretly of John. Roy and John are actually assigned with work but instead of completing it, he helps in Kelly’s work. Kelly later informs him that she has started dating someone after his death, however keeps Roy’s name secret to him. Kristoff is judged to be the major part of John’s killing but he says that he is just set up in the case and fears being chased and killed by Liam.

Protecting the scientist’s life at the Ethics committee is a huge task assigned to John and Roy. John’s future depends upon this task. Roy is sad that Kelly rejected him and tries to take a transfer to Scotland, however, Kelly convinces him to stay and he is now filled with joy. Roy is shocked when he comes to know that John is planning to move in with Kelly.

After all these efforts and time, John is functioning well and now has claimed to be one of the top officers of SIU. However, he is shocked to know about Kelly’s relationship with Roy.

Season 2 story:

Roy and John have found the Juggler but as they are not on good terms because of Kelly, they struggle to work together. However, a 20-year-old Chesla bridge case reopens and brings them together to work. He and Roy have been put under work pressure and to add the problems, John’s long-gone father arrives back. For a robot, it is really too much to handle. He and Roy are assigned with a case of illicit use of some drugs and they dig into the same. This drug is used in MMA fight rings wrongly.

Ever wondered if this Robo John expert officer will get a competition too?

Contrary to our imagination, a twist in the story happens when he gets competition from BRIAN: Brain Representation In Artificial Networks. He is smart, adorable, and functions really well. He is mainly designed to arrest in the Greater London area. Apart from all these qualities, he gives impressive pilate classes too. On the other hand, it’s getting too much for John and he is unreasonable mood swings. The duo – Roy and John have been assigned to protect the witness Liam. They will have to give him a new identity.

His whole system is about to get collapsed, yet he gives the last shot in clearing his father’s name from the Chesla Bridge case. He had just 3 hours left to live. His father was the cop who couldn’t solve the case back then. Roy thinks he has trapped Clifford – John’s father but he is an old cop and it would not be easy to set him up.

……and season 2 ends here! What happens next will be answered in season 3.

cheer up as there is good news for fans that season has been approved and is all set for a third trial. According to the news, it will not take too long to release and the audience will surely get it by mid of the year 2022.

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