Bob Hearts Abishola Season 4 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Bob Hearts Abishola Season 4 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Bob Hearts Abishola is an American sitcom that started on CBS on September 23, 2019. It was made by Chuck Lorre, Eddie Gorodetsky, Al Higgins, as well as Gina Yashere.

Billy Gardell and Folake Olowofoyeku play the main characters, and Christine Ebersole, Matt Jones, Maribeth Monroe, Shola Adewusi, Barry Shabaka Henley, Travis Wolfe Jr., Vernee Watson, Bayo Akinfemi, Anthony Okungbowa, Saidah Arrika Ekulona, and Yashere play supporting roles.

The show was picked for an additional season in February 2021, and the new season began on Sept. 20, 2021. The show was given a fourth season in January 2022.

It began on September 19, 2022. The show was picked up for just a fifth season in January 2023.

Bob Wheeler, his mother Dottie, and his twin younger siblings, Christina and Douglas, run their family’s successful and very competitive sock business in Motown.

When work stress puts Bob in Woodward Medical Center with a minor heart attack, his kind, hardworking nurse, Abishola Adebambo, sees how tired he is right away.

Bob becomes attached with Abishola, even though they are very different from each other, and he tries to convince her to give man a chance.

After a lot of talk and months of having to wait, the popular CBS comedy series Bob Hearts Abishola has been coming back for a brand-new fourth season.

Like Chuck Lorre’s earlier works, Bob Hearts Abishola won over fans and went on to become one of the greatest popular tv shows in the genre right now.

So it makes sense that network decided to give the show another season. The narrative of Bob Wheeler, an honest entrepreneur who runs his family’s sock company, MaxDot, is told in Bob Hearts Abishola.

When Bob has a sudden heart attack and ends up in the hospital, he meets a strict, no-nonsense carer of Nigerian descent. He falls in love to her, and their relationship changes his life forever.

The 3 Emmy-nominated CBS tv series has been running for 3 successful seasons and getting great ratings since it began in the fall of 2019.

Before the end of Season 3, which was in January 2022, the show was picked up for a season 4.

The comedy series was created by Gina Yashere, Eddie Gorodetsky, Al Higgins, as well as Lorre. They also serve as executive producers, as well as Yashere has a major role in the show.

Bob Hearts Abishola Season 4 Release Date

After months of waiting, the network made it official that Season 4 of Bob Hearts Abishola will be shown on CBS as well as Paramount. This decrease season will happen among 8:30 and 9:00 p.m. on Monday, Sept. 19, 2022.

The news was also shared on the official Twitter account for the show, which said, “Here’s some more news: #BobHeartsAbishola will return for its fourth season on June 19 on @CBS and @paramountplus!”

Bob Hearts Abishola Season 4 Cast


  • Billy Gardell as Robert “Bob” Wheeler, a divorced man who runs MaxDot, his family’s compression sock manufacturing company in Detroit. When he has a heart attack because of the business and his family, he wakes at the hospital where he meets a Nigerian nurse and falls in love.
  • Folake Olowofoyeku as Abishola Bolatito Doyinsola Oluwatoyin Wheeler, Bob’s nurse at Woodward Memorial Hospital; an immigrant Nigerian who lives with her son, aunt and uncle in a small apartment. She and her husband emigrated to America with their son approximately eight years prior to season 2, but her husband returned to Nigeria after deciding he didn’t want to start over in their new country.
  • Christine Ebersole as Dorothy “Dottie” Wheeler, Bob, Douglas and Christina’s mother. She and her late husband, Max, were the founders of MaxDot, named for them. After suffering a stroke, she moves in with Bob and receives nursing care from Abishola and Gloria at Bob’s house.
  • Matt Jones as Douglas Wheeler, Dottie’s son, Bob’s younger brother and Christina’s twin brother. He is the vice president of human resources at MaxDot, a position he got purely through nepotism. (As Douglas alludes in season 4, “My greatest skill is having the last name Wheeler.”) In season 2, Dottie demotes him to the warehouse floor, in an effort to teach him discipline and get him to take his job seriously. Despite initial objections, Douglas comes to enjoy his new job and especially likes the camaraderie with the warehouse workers, particularly Kofo and Goodwin.
  • Maribeth Monroe as Christina Wheeler, Dottie’s daughter, Bob’s younger sister and Douglas’ twin sister. She is the head of sales at MaxDot and was previously married, but the relationship ended after she stabbed her husband with a knife. Frustrated with being unappreciated at work, she explores new career opportunities in season 3, eventually landing at one of MaxDot’s competitors. After being fired from her new job in season 4, Christina returns to MaxDot as a janitor.
  • Shola Adewusi as Oluwatoyin “Olu” Ifedayo Olatunji, Abishola’s aunt and Tunde’s wife
  • Barry Shabaka Henley as Babatunde “Tunde” Olatunji, Abishola’s uncle and Olu’s husband
  • Travis Wolfe Jr. as Dele Babatunde Adebambo, teenage son of Abishola and her ex-husband, Tayo. He dreams of being a professional dancer against Abishola and Tayo’s wishes.
  • Vernee Watson-Johnson as Gloria Tyler, a charge nurse at Woodward Memorial Hospital and Abishola’s co-worker. She studied to become a doctor, but just as she was about to start her residency at Detroit Memorial Hospital, the doors were closed to her. Because she had a family and needed a job, she ended up becoming a nurse.
  • Gina Yashere as Kemi, Abishola’s best friend for the last 20 years. She works in food service at Woodward Memorial Hospital.
  • Bayo Akinfemi as Goodwin Aderibigbe Olayiwola, an employee at MaxDot and Kofo’s cousin. They often speak to each other privately in Yoruba. In season 2, it is revealed that Goodwin was on a path toward becoming a professor of economics before leaving Nigeria. In season 3, it is revealed that Bob intends to make Goodwin his successor after he retires. Frustrated that Bob won’t be retiring anytime soon, Goodwin briefly goes to work at Christina’s company before Bob invites him back with a promotion to MaxDot president.
  • Anthony Okungbowa as Kofoworola “Kofo” Omogoriola Olanipekun, an employee at MaxDot and Goodwin’s cousin. He is promoted to Christina’s position after she suddenly quits in season 3. This angers Goodwin, as the position ranks higher than his own job as warehouse floor supervisor.
  • Saidah Arrika Ekulona as Ebunoluwa, Abishola’s mother and Olu’s sister


  • Tony Tambi as Chukwuemeka Mborata (season 1-present), a pharmacist who was Abishola’s suitor and now is Kemi’s love interest
  • Kimberly Scott as Ogechi Mborata (season 1-present), Chukwuemeka’s smothering and manipulative mother
  • Raymond Ma as Wati (seasons 1 and 3), MaxDot’s sock supplier from China
  • Conphidance as Pastor Balogun (seasons 1-2), the pastor at Abishola’s church
  • Vishesh Chachra as Dr. Sanjiv Chakraborty (seasons 1-2), an arrogant doctor who works at Woodward Memorial Hospital
  • Nicole Sullivan as Lorraine Wheeler (season 1-2), Bob’s ex-wife
  • Dayo Ade as Tayo Adebambo (season 2-present), Dele’s father and Abishola’s Nigerian husband who finally grants her a divorce near the end of season 2
  • Tori Danner as Morenike (season 2-present), Abishola’s cousin staying in Dele’s old room, which Olu and Tunde rented. She is studying to become a pharmacist, while trying to keep the secret that she’s gay.
  • Edy Ganem as Olivia (season 3), a bus driver and Douglas’ girlfriend.


  • Missi Pyle as Liz (season 1), Bob’s online date
  • Wendie Malick and Marilu Henner as Jen Davenport and Trish Dolan (season 1), Dottie’s friends
  • John Ratzenberger as Hank Sobieski (season 1), a fellow stroke survivor whom Dottie meets
  • Leonard Roberts as Guy (season 1), Hank’s caretaker
  • Ryan Cartwright as David (season 2), a salesman at a jewelry store where Bob and Tunde go to buy an engagement ring
  • Jack McGee and Susan Ruttan as Mr. and Mrs. Clark (season 2), a patient at the Woodward Memorial Hospital and his wife
  • Joel Brooks as Arnie Goldfischer (season 2), Bob’s lawyer
  • Nene Nwoko as Tiwa (seasons 3-4), Goodwin’s wife
  • Briga Heelan as Marion Mitchell (season 3), a commercial director who is brought in to shoot a TV spot for MaxDot
  • Cedric the Entertainer and Tichina Arnold as Calvin and Tina Butler (season 3), reprising their roles from The Neighborhood as they watch the MaxDot TV commercial
  • Jonathan Adams as Pastor Falade (seasons 3-4), the new Pastor at Abishola’s church who appears to take a romantic interest in Ebunoluwa
  • Joel Murray as Max Wheeler (season 4), founder of MaxDot and Bob’s deceased father whom he sees in a vision
  • Adhir Kalyan as Jared (season 4), a Toesie Wosey employee and Christina’s stalker

Bob Hearts Abishola Season 4 Trailer

Bob Hearts Abishola Season 4 Plot

Most likely, the next season will start with the 22nd episode, “Beard in Her Pulpit,” which is the last episode of a third season. This is not confirmed until May 23, 2022.

Beth McCarthy-Miller focused just on attack, and Al Higgins, Gina Yashere, and Matt Ross told the story in black and white.

Also, Nathan Chetty, Gloria Bigelow, and Marla DuMont are the ones who publish the teleplay. It is thought that 5.70 million people in the US watched the episode.

“When a charismatic youth church joins this same congregation, Abishola undergoes a change of notice in church. When Dottie gives pluses to higher management but not to Goodwin, Bob must do everything he can to make sure he doesn’t lose his best worker.”

The official overview of the initial episode says, “Abishola but also Kemi develop an idea to stop Ebun as well as the new pastor from falling in love.”

Goodwin’s decision to leave MaxDot for just a better job at Christina’s company also throws Bob off. Al Higgins, Gina Yashere, as well as Matt Ross wrote the script for the episode. The episode was directed by Beth McCarthy-Miller. The script was written by Carla Filisha, Nathan Chetty, as well as Ibet Inyang Beneche.

The story of the show is all about Bob Wheeler’s life. The story of a series is great, and it’s fun to watch. In Detroit, Bob Wheeler continues to run a business that makes socks.

His business is indeed a family business that is very competitive. His mother, his young twin sisters, and their brother used to manage the company together.

His mother is Dottie, and his sisters are Christina and Douglas. Their business is doing well, and things will be fine. Bob has a small heart attack because he is so busy and stressed out.

It is often worn by men and women in business. He had a heart attack, so he was taken to Woodland Memorial Hospital right away. Abishola Adebambo, a hospital nurse, was put in charge of caring for Bob.

Abishola was a very kind and good nurse, and she also worked very hard. She used to take excellent care of Bob, and while he was in the hospital, he began to fall in love with her. Abishola started to like him, too, and that gave him a chance.

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