Citrus Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

There aren’t many Yuri (Girls Love) anime that attempt to influence the audience. When it launched in 2018, Citrus was one of those shows that left an indelible mark. Its first season was a smashing success, and it gained a legion of devoted followers. These viewers are now awaiting the premiere of Season 2 of Citrus. When will the animation studio finally approve season two of the anime? It’s all laid out here for you.

The Japanese television anime series Citrus is a Yuri romance. It’s based on Saburouta’s Yuri manga series of the same name. The first episode of this program was animated by Passione Animation Studio. On January 6, 2018, the anime debuted. It premiered on January 9 of that year and ended on March 24 of that year, for a total of 12 episodes. Viewers of this Yuri anime have been waiting patiently for a sequel ever since.

Citrus Season 2 Renewal Status

Fans of Citrus, we have some bad news: Studio Passione has not yet renewed the show for a second season. The anime version of the Yuri series was met with poor ratings and a few unfavorable critical reviews on IMDB and MyAnimeList, despite the popularity of the source material. As a result, this might deter the production company from developing a second season. Considering Studio Passione’s track record, it’s not out of the question that they’ll opt to end Citrus after only one season of production. Nonetheless, supporters shouldn’t give up just yet. If enough people want something badly enough, the studio could reconsider. If Studio Passione decides they no longer wish to produce more seasons of the adaptation, other companies may take up Citrus. As far as there is enough interest from fans, everything is possible.

Citrus Season 2 Release Date

The release date of Season 2 of Citrus is still unknown since the show’s renewal has not been officially announced. We may, however, speculate on when it could be made available based on our best guesses. If we assume that Passione, a Japanese animation company, would direct the second season, we may check their release calendar to find a suitable time.

Passione is also the studio behind Season 5 of the anime series High School DxD. Which is slated to broadcast in 2024. Of course, this is also conjecture, so we shouldn’t hold our breath waiting for Season 2 of Citrus from Passione this year.

After this is done, they may start developing Citrus Season 2, and it might come out as early as 2024 or 2025. Of course, this is only conjecture, and there are many things that might affect the production and release of Citrus Season 2, such as the availability of personnel, funding, demand, etc.

Citrus Story

After her mother remarries, Yuzu Aihara, a trendy, impulsive, and fun-loving city girl, moves to a new neighborhood and high school. Yuzu has a hard time fitting in at her strict all-girls school since she is more interested in guys and shopping than in her studies, and she regularly fights with the student council, especially the president of the student council, the hard-working, gorgeous, but chilly Mei Aihara. Yuzu finds herself forced to share a bedroom with a girl she despises since Mei is her new stepsister. The series chronicles the development of the sisters’ relationship, from initial hostility to gradual understanding and eventually to Yuzu’s increasing bewilderment as she realizes she is developing love emotions for her new stepsister.

Citrus Cast

  • Yuzu Aihara Voiced by: Ayana Taketatsu (Japanese); Megan Shipman (English)
  • Mei Aihara Voiced by: Minami Tsuda (Japanese); Amber Lee Connors (English)
  • Harumi Taniguchi Voiced by: Yukiyo Fujii (Japanese); Margaret McDonald (English)
  • Himeko Momokino Voiced by: Yurika Kubo (Japanese); Bryn Apprill (English)
  • Kayo Maruta Voiced by: Ikumi Hayama (Japanese); Natalie Hoover (English)
  • Chairman Voiced by: Kinryū Arimoto (Japanese); Charlie Campbell (English)

Citrus Season 2 Plot

How faithfully Season 2 of Citrus hews to the manga will determine its story. If this happens, the manga’s fifth through tenth volumes, plus a few chapters from Citrus Plus, will be adapted. The major emphasis of Citrus Season 2 is going to focus on Yuzu and Mei’s relationship after they profess their emotions for each other at the conclusion of Season 1. Their love story, however, won’t be a bed of roses since they’ll have to overcome numerous difficulties.

Citrus Season 2: Is there enough source material?

There is a chance that Season 2 may take up where Season 1 left off, with the fourth volume of the original manga series. There are 10 volumes in the original manga series, so we still have six to read. In spite of the fact that the original manga series for Citrus ended in October of this year, another potential source material for the adored Japanese Yuri has been established.

Citrus Plus, a spin-off manga series by mangaka Saburouta, premiered in Japan in November 2019. A lot of people loved Citrus Plus. Fans are still holding out hope for a second season of the anime adaptation since there is enough material from which to draw. However, anime watchers should keep in mind that adaptations are often made to increase interest in, and ultimately sales of, the original work.

Citrus Season 2 Trailer

Unfortunately, while it has not been confirmed by the renewal of the program, there aren’t any trailers, teasers, or other spoilers obtainable for season 2 of the animated series. The only thing the fans can do is wait for the official trailer to drop.

Where to watch Citrus?

Season 1 of Citrus is available to watch or rewatch on many different streaming sites. Crunchyroll and Funimation both host the anime with English dubs and subtitles. Amazon Prime Video also offers the episodes for purchase or rental.

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