Central Stage, accessories, RAM and more

If yesterday we talked in detail about the new iMac, the renewed Apple TV 4K and the AirTag, today it is the turn of the iPad Pro. A device that, although it enjoyed a lot of time on the stage of the presentation, still contains some interesting curiosity.

Magic Keyboard support

At first glance, the design of the iPad Pro (2021) does not change compared to the previous generation. And we say at a glance because in the 12.9-inch model the thickness increases one and a half millimeters and the weight about forty grams.

This is surely why the Magic Keyboard on the 12.9 “iPad is slightly different from the previous model. Thus, Apple not only adds a new color to this keyboard, but also repositiones the weight to achieve maximum balance.

Center Stage in all apps

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The Center Stage mode allows the M1 and the improvements in the TrueDepth system to allow the front camera of the new iPad Pro to follow us during a video call. Remember that the camera of the new iPad becomes ultra wide angle, with 120º field of view.

Apple has confirmed that Central Stage, which in the presentation we saw in the FaceTime app, it will also work with third-party apps. A substantial improvement that we can enjoy whether we are broadcasting on Twitch or using Skype, to name a few examples.


Apple Ipad Pro Spring21 Magic Keyboard Side White 04202021 Big Carousel Jpg Large 2x

A detail for the most observant. The new iPad Pro have fewer holes in the different speakers. In this generation we went from 17 openings in each of them until 11. Apple has not commented that there was any change in the quality of the speaker system, so we understand that it is an aesthetic change and the distribution of the internal components.

Memoria RAM

Apple Ipad Pro Spring21 M1 Luma Fusion 04202021 Big Jpg Large 2x

And we end up with RAM. These new iPad make the jump from 6GB to 8GB. An interesting addition that, however, has a curious detail: iPads with 1 or 2 TB storage have 16GB of RAM.

Thus, the branch configuration is 8GB in the 128, 256 and 512 GB models and 16GB in the 1TB and 2TB models. A difference that should not be noticeable in daily use of the device, but that will surely be the objective of comparisons when the first units begin to arrive in mid-May.

On what dates can we reserve and enjoy all the new products presented

Undoubtedly interesting details that escaped the official presentation. Details, however, that should not distract us from the two great novelties that come to the iPad with this generation of iPad Pro: the M1 processor and the mini-LED screen. This is the first time that a Mac processor, the same processor in a Mac, has worked in an iPad. In a few weeks we will be able to appreciate the change that this implies.

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