‘Spider-Man 2’ remains a superhero movie milestone that gives hope to Sam Raimi’s ‘Doctor Strange’

Sam Raimi has confirmed that he will re-adapt a comic in ‘Doctor Strange: In the multiverse of Madness’, which was called to be the first horror movie in the Marvel Kinematic Universe. And it is that the director of ‘Infernal Possession’ (Evil Dead, 1981) had abandoned his beloved Spider-Man after the tepid third part. But first, he achieved what is today one of the few superhero films that can be considered a masterpiece of its genre: ‘Spider-Man 2’ (2004).

The doubts remain after the departure of Scott Derrickson, who did see the sequel to his film as a genuine horror film, but the statements of Kevin Feige, stating that it would be an adventure film, with “Some intense scenes”, I foresaw what ended up happening. Derrickson left the project due to creative differences to be replaced by Raimi, which despite its horror film heritage, is more likely to deliver lighter work, in which his humor and comic book visual inventiveness soften the darker vision planned.

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a disturbing spiral of entomological ecoterror from France

‘The cloud’ (la nueé, 2020) is the first feature film by Just Philippot, winner of the special jury award and the best female performance at Sitges 2020, hits Spanish screens offering an alternative to the traditional terror of scares that usually populate billboards. Under a prism of drama, this proposal from France reminds us that the genre still has other ways of creating the creeps.

within a new gender movement with more social and ecological significance, ‘The Cloud’ follows Virginie (Suliane Brahim), a mother who raises her children alone and decides to start raising edible grasshoppers to save her farm from the brink of bankruptcy. A movement as idealistic as it is desperate that is not so easy to carry out, since the first hatchlings are fragile and their swarms die early, which prevents them from guaranteeing a constant and quality production.

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