Castlevania 4 arrives on Netflix on May 13: it will be the last season

The Castlevania anime series will end on May 13, 2021 with Season 4, as announced a few moments ago by Netflix. The last season will consist of another 10 episodes and will mark the end of Trevor, Sypha and Alucard’s journey, but apparently Netflix is ​​already working on another series set in the same narrative universe.

Sam Deats, director and writer of the final season, revealed to Deadline that even if the story ends, the world created by the talented guys at Powerhouse Animations Studios will live on. The director and Netflix have in fact found an agreement for the creation of a new series, set in the same universe but with an entirely new cast of characters.

Konami’s franchise is packed with chapters and opportunities, so it’s no surprise that Netflix wants to continue investing in the product with new stories. After all, the third season of Castlevania proved to be an extraordinary success, and according to what was declared by Sam Deats and the voice actress Alejandra Reynoso (Sypha Belnades) the fourth season will be even higher.

For the moment we do not know what the new series will be about, nor who will be the protagonists, but we can expect new information in the course of 2021. Waiting for news, we recommend that you take a look at the very recent poster of Castlevania 4, in which it is there is also a small easter egg regarding Alucard.

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