Captain Tsubasa: The shooting of the Phoenix and the Dragon collide in an epic figurine

An extraordinary collectible figurine is ready to enter the homes of fans of Capitan Tsubasa, better known as Holly & Benji in Italy. In 1/7 scale, the figure depicts the mythical clash between Tsubasa’s phoenix shot and Xiao Junguang’s dragon shot.

When Tsubasa moves to a new city to start his senior year in elementary school, his best friend is a soccer ball. The game of football is his one great passion and after meeting Bruce Harper he becomes the captain of his school’s team. Following the meeting with Roberto, Tsubasa improves his technique day by day to become one of the most feared players in the national championship.

But Holly’s career doesn’t stop with her school career. The young boy continues his path until he is called up for World Youth by the Japanese Under-19 national team. It is during this very important event that he meets a new fearsome rival, Xiao Junguang. Attacking midfielder and ace of the Chinese national team, as well as FC Bayern Munich holder, Xiao is an individualist who despises group play. But it is in the Asian Youth Championship that the rivalry between the two comes to a head.

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The clash between Holly and Xiao is one of the most exciting of the opera and fans of the series cannot miss this new one 1/7 scale statuette. The figure epically represents the iconic technical gestures of the two players, Tsubasa’s phoenix shot and Xiao’s dragon shot. Which of the two do you like most? Mark Lenders would be Cristiano Ronaldo, according to the author of Capitan Tsubasa. Edizioni Star Comics has published the first of the new Captain Tsubasa box sets.


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