Broken But Beautiful Season 3 Release Date Revealed

Broken But Beautiful Season 3 Release Date Revealed

Broken but beautiful is one of the best romantic love stories anyone watches on the OTT platforms such as Zee5 or AltBalaji.

The main plot of the story is to make one realize that when love is lost not everything is lost. There may be someone out there who makes you feel you are loved more than ever. 

Broken But Beautiful Season 3 Release Date

From season 1 the Broken But Beautiful started getting so many fans and each episode got lakhs of views, shared on social media and discussed in fan pages, and much more attention.

Thus they started to move the plot towards making more sequels with the web series. The director hinted that the release of season 3 is obvious and it might get a release over the end of 2021. 

Broken But Beautiful Season 1 Plot:

This story revolves around two beautiful souls who had heartbreaks earlier starts to love each other. Veer is the main protagonist here and Sameera is the female lead. Veer lost his wife in an accident and was unable to recover from the traumatic experience.

His wife’s sister and her husband tried all the possible ways to get him out of this tragic experience. But Veer found it very difficult to come out of it.

In such a time he bought a house that belongs to couples name Karthik and Sameera. Karthik and Sameera wanted to separate and they are not living together anymore. In order to buy the house, Veer has to get signatures from both Karthik and Sameera.

While he gets a signature from Sameera he understands that she loves Karthik more and she wants to talk to him. So Veer promises her that he will help her to speak with Karthik soon. 

To execute this plan they tried to live as a couple to get the attention of the Karthik and make him jealous of Veer. But over the day’s Veer and Sameera got close and there started a mild love in between them.

Episodes of season 1 have every minute details of all the events that happened between Veer and Sameera which lead to their love.

Broken But Beautiful Season 2 Plot:

The Veer and Sameera started seeing some others. Veer started seeing Debbie and Sameera started seeing Ahan.

They plan on getting married to them. But the plot goes on such as that Veer and Sameera still a thing between them. This is the plot for season 2.

Broken But Beautiful Season 3 Plot:

The director and the production team have just confirmed that they are planning to release season 3 very soon.

It is very soon to predict the story plot for season 3. If we get to see the trailer or any short form of the story plot we will update it here. Keep an eye on it. 

Broken But Beautiful Season 3 Cast:

Also one of the important things to notice is that our old favorite couple will not be starring in this series anymore. Instead of Vikrant Massey and Harleen Sethi, there will be Sidharth Shukla and female lead Sonia Rathee will be cast.

Few fans might be disappointed but the teaser tells otherwise. There is wonderful chemistry between them. Don’t miss it. Watch out this space for more updates on the release date.

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