Bleach: who was the first character created by Tite Kubo?

After the burning cancellation of Zombie Powder in the late 90s in Weekly Shonen Jump, Tite Kubo prepared to return to the magazine with a new series. Having prepared the new design, he launched into the adventure of Bleach, which will later become one of the most famous manga of the new millennium.

The battle shonen created by Kubo in the early 2000s is still considered a respectable manga, despite some situations not managed ad hoc in the final saga. But returning to the beginnings of this production, what was the first character created by Tite Kubo for Bleach?

When the draft manga was still called Snipe, and it featured characters fighting with guns, there was only one character with a scythe. In fact Kubo wanted to design a shinigami in kimono and for this he created Rukia Kuchiki which, with the transformation of the manga from a story of firearms to one of swords, was the prototype for all the other shinigami. At first, Rukia was also the protagonist which, however, Tite Kubo put aside because it was considered not attractive enough, leaving the leading role to Ichigo Kurosaki.

Nowadays, Rukia is one of the most beloved characters of Bleach and is often in the illustrations of Masashi Kudo, a well-known character designer of the anime.

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