iPhone 14, iPhone SE 3 and iPhone 15: no notch, Touch ID on the screen, periscope cameras and more

While we are all awaiting the rumors of the new iPhone 13 that we will see this September, in the laboratories of Cupertino continue to work on the iPhone 14 and 15. So we have several rumors about these new iPhone and the expected iPhone SE 3 and its Plus variant, which could arrive in 2022.

Until 2022 and beyond

The iPhone of 2022, which for now we can call iPhone 14, would come with important changes on the front. According to Ming-Chi Kuo, with these new iPhones the notch would disappear and the FaceTime camera would be located in a hole in the screen. If we take into account that this year, with the iPhone 13, the notch will reduce its size after several versions without changes, the truth is that seeing a version of the iPhone without notch just next year seems strange, although according to the analyst it is a possibility . One that joins the arrival of Touch ID under the screen that is expected in this generation.

As for the third-generation iPhone SE, which would also arrive in 2022, we expect little change. An update of internal components that, keeping the same design and the same screen, would bring us a new processor as well as 5G connectivity.

From the following year, however, that is to say 2023, it is possible that Let’s look at a 6.1-inch iPhone SE Plus. An iPhone that would use the chassis of the iPhone XR or the iPhone 11 and that we could even see with a double rear camera. This iPhone SE Plus would arrive, according to Kuo, with the same front camera technology located in a small hole that we would see on the iPhone 14.

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Continuing in 2023, Ming-Chi Kuo also has several predictions for the iPhone 15. The iPhone of this generation will have a front only with screen, without notch or hole for cameras. According to the analyst, they will continue with Touch ID under the screen and will have a periscope-type camera, a system that will increase the digital zoom from 2x to 10x or 20x.

New iPad Pros will arrive this month with reduced initial stock, according to Bloomberg

It is clear that the manufacture of the iPhone, although we only perceive it once a year, is something that does not stop. Always investigating new possibilities, making prototypes to test technologies or simply simplifying designs to offer new experiences.

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