Brand New Animal: first impressions of the Trigger anime on Netflix

When a tanuki girl and a wolf boy meet, beautiful things can happen. So said the tweet of the American entertainment giant Netflix, ready to distribute the new and colorful animation product of the Studio Trigger in the west starting today. BNA – Brand New Animal is the new work directed by Yoh Yoshinari and written by Kazuki Nakashima that will make us live the experience of a girl in a very particular context, made of human on the one hand, e beast-men on the other, where the young woman will find herself fighting for her own survival.

Waiting for the full review coming in the next few days, these are our impressions on the first episode of the new and colorful anime from the creators of Kill the Kill and the studio's most recent and explosive animated film that will also work on the Cyberpunk 2077 anime (here, in any case, our review of Promare.

From normality to Anima City

Kagemori Michiru she is a very normal high school girl who one day will have to deal with a rather unusual problem. Its human nature is compromised inexplicably, turning into a woman-beast, and after a period of imprisonment in his room he will decide to leave his home to go to Soul City, an apparent utopia of men-beast willing to welcome the young woman in her new hybrid form, now clearly transformed into a tanuki, while maintaining some human features.

We can immediately notice the desperate escape of the young woman, motivated by the intolerance of humans towards human beings, pursued by hunters humans who remark heavily on the hatred between the two races.
Welcomed by the pressing and colorful opening, we will find ourselves immediately catapulted into the frenetic race towards the salvation of Michiru, first in a local metro in the human city, where it is possible to immediately glimpse the aforementioned hatred of the aforementioned race for men-beast thanks to a graffiti on a poster, and then move outside to the bus stop, where our protagonist , keeping a low profile, he will climb on the roof of a vehicle, to rest and effortlessly travel the longest stretch that separates it from the promised land.

After lowering your guard, admiring a glimpse of Anima City in the distance, the girl will be attacked by a group of hunter-beast men who, catching it off guard, will drop it from the roof of the bus and then throw it off the road, on the slopes of a mountain in the middle of a forest.

The escape of the protagonist seems to have come to an end, while when the hunters seem willing to take her life, three beastmen intervene intent on saving it, showing their animal forms that will prevail over the bad guys. Michiru will get acquainted with Mari Itami, a mink-like woman-beast who helps beast-men to escape from human territory in exchange for money, bringing the survivors to Anima City by sea, since the road is a hunting ground for unwanted anthropomorphs.

A new beginning

The girl, finally arrived at her destination, will find herself in the middle of a festival, where i 10 years from the creation of the utopian

Anima City, a characteristic city where only beast-men live, without any human being that could undermine the balance of half-human and half-animal creatures. The happiness of the young woman is sky high while enjoying the celebrations, until she is pickpocketed by a monkey-like man-beast. Michiru will immediately launch in pursuit of the thief until he arrives under a scaffold that supports a giant screen where the mayor of the city he gave a speech shortly before that reminded all inhabitants of the progress of independence achieved by the breed in question. He will later glimpse a shady figure right near the structure, which will disappear shortly after, leaving the structure unstable, which will collapse immediately.

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In an attempt to save an elderly person in the fall area, Michiru will in turn be rescued by a wolf-like man-beast, with whom she had a small welcome dialogue during the festival. The two explain themselves about the recent event and the wolf boy will resort to his special power, able to use the sense of smell to recreate visions of events that have just happened in the area. Immediately after tracing the alleged culprit, he will launch in pursuit, with the protagonist resuming the hunt for his stolen wallet.

The protagonists will meet in an alley where the wolf is fighting against three alleged beastmen-men of the city and in league with humans. The clash will turn in clear favor of the wolf boy, extremely hostile towards humans and ready to end the traitors, while a more magnanimous Michiru will stand between him and the three lifeless figures, showing off a strange and unconscious power. The two will finally have a debate on the nature of humans, with the girl firmly convinced of their not total cruelty and with the extremely stubborn boy in stating the opposite.

100% trigger style

Thus ends the first episode, narrated with the right rhythm and which immediately puts the emphasis on condition of the two breeds and their relationship, focusing more on our two protagonists, diametrically different in ideology and character, but among which there seems to be a possibility of constant comparison for growth for both the tanuki girl and the wolf boy. Both have at heart something and a goal, assuming that it will converge in a single path despite the two distinct souls.

Obviously, there was no lack of action on the screen, a typical element of the Studio Trigger productions, with a good dose of nice shots and some hint of special powers, which we hope will lead to exponential growth, as the same study has accustomed us in recent years. The feeling is that we will see many contrasts precisely related to the difficult relationship between the two races that populate the world of Brand New Animal, which will be the narrative pivot on which the entire work will rotate.

On the technical front, the animations are average, amalgamated into one characteristic and colorful artistic style which also underlines a certain expressiveness of the characters. Following closely the experience of the protagonist is never trivial or heavy, on the contrary.

The events immediately catapult us into her shoes, creating empathy for the bizarre and at the same time complex situation of the girl. Finally, a convincing sound sector accompanies us in the main moments of the episode, starting from a somewhat sparkling opening, to get to perfectly emphasize the moment of the clash between the wolf man-beast and the traitors of Anima City.


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